Where does the good go

Not so random thoughts

1. In the entirety of my life, I have only ever done whatsoever was easiest.

2. Settlers of Catan can bite me.

3. Stuff I’ve put horseradish mustard on in the last 24 hours:
a. Breadrolls
b. Turkey slices
c. Bell peppers
d. Bordeux cookie
e. Cheese
f. A spoon

4. I’m over DiFara’s pizza.

11 Responses to “Not so random thoughts”

  1. Tae Says:

    Horseradish mustard rocks.

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    Dude. It really really really really really does.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    You should use it instead of mayo to make a tuna sandwich. It rocks!

  4. Ugarles Says:

    Have you tried horseradish mustard on DiFara’s pizza?

  5. Dawn Summers Says:

    Pi wouldn’t let me. #rude

  6. elana Says:

    Mix it in with hamburger meat. Best thing ever to happen to a burger.

  7. Dawn Summers Says:

    Oh. My. God! I would never have thought of that, but it sounds awesome!

  8. VinNay Says:

    1. Sad.
    2. Ha! I challenge you to a game of no limit settlers of catan!
    3. Not just any horseradish mustard. It must be Weber’s.
    4. Blasphemer!

  9. Pdov Says:

    Bordeux cookies? Really.

    So are you thinking about reversing number one. Stepping out of the comfort zone? Feel a lot of people are in your shoes. It’s just different what “easiest” is.

    I liked DiFara’s, did you have it cold again?

  10. Tae Says:

    Also, Boar’s Head Pepperhouse Gourmaise is fantastic. Stupid name, but my next-to-favorite spread. It’s a mustardy mayo with pepper and tangy stuff. Awesome.

  11. M Says:

    Have you had horseradish cheddar yet? mmmm (and especially tasty in taters)

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