Where does the good go

Song of the Day

Time will always come for you
That’s how it is, how it is, that’s just how it is
And I will try to comfort you
That’s how it is, how it is, that’s just how it is

It’s easier to compromise when everything has gone
And it’s hard to make amends when all the damages are done
And to everyone I’ve ever hurt, I’m sorry
But I was wrong

6 Responses to “Song of the Day”

  1. Pearatty Says:

    Does this mean surgery went well?

  2. Pearatty Says:

    Cause it could be interpreted either way, you know.

  3. Pearatty Says:

    Like, “oh, yay! Dawn’s posting; she’s alive!”

    Or, “uh oh, this song doesn’t sound so promising.”

  4. redxbranch Says:

    ok…i’m confused. You had surgery on the 27th…..but on the i had outs blog… at borgata……uh….How many Dawn Summers are there?

    get well soon….

  5. Alceste Says:

    red – IHO has a time-delay — I remember getting a text about that 5/10 game at the borgata around the first week of january

    Also, Dawn just texted that she was alive and out of the hospital.

    (Although if she’s at her mom’s house, who knows if both of them can stay alive for long?)

  6. redxbranch Says:

    Good to know that she is well and that I am not crazy……

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