Where does the good go

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

I’m having surgery tomorrow. I am seriously not worried in the least. I’ve been promised that I will be fine. However, as these promises were made by the same people who assured me that I would see the Patriots win the Superbowl in February, we’re taking care of our affairs just in case.

So, the banner is back as close to how it was when the year started. I confess I changed it to black in an ill thought out fit of desperation and then couldn’t change it back.

Blue was a stab in the dark. Though I admired all those who attached the “things are getting slowly better” significance to it. LOL. As if. Dawn Summers doesn’t know slowly. She’s either perfectly the same as always or the extreme immediate opposite.

I meant to work on that. Eh.

So these are my possible final coherent thoughts… I better make them count.

1. You should really watch the Dr. Who 2005 series. The five seasons (so far) are all streaming on Netflix. Oh, you should sign up for Netflix. Do the one disc plan for eight dollars. It gives you immediate access to a lot of awesome stuff. Like Dr. Who. The 2005 series. You don’t necessarily need to flitter through the 1970s stuff.

2. Oh crap. I swear. I had a two. Oh, jumping from a cliff into a river is fun, but hold your nose with your fingers. It doesn’t look cool, but if you don’t, you’ll be coughing up water for ten minutes and that’s not so cool either.

3. That wasn’t my original number 2, but that’s an important thing to remember, be willing to improvise. Especially if you’re on stage and the audience has spent good money to see your performance.

4. Here I am at four and I still haven’t gotten to my original number 2. I’m very distracted. My mother keeps calling, like seriously, every 70 seconds. Her current obsession is that I go down to my car to find my life insurance policy. See? She thinks I’m going to die too. Hold on, that’s her again.

5. Oh, Alceste once described me in the following fashion “she only likes the best things.” This is true. This should go on my tombstone. I do only like the best things. So, if I like you, congratulations.

6. OHHHHHHHHHH I remember number 2! Electronic books are the BEST THING EVER! I love Kindle! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Dooo itt!

7. Well, really that’s it. See Mount Rushmore and eat a beignet in the French Quarter. Probably not on the same day. Deuces. Oh, and that’s my mother again.

22 Responses to “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow”

  1. Alceste Says:

    Good luck tomorrow!

    (Also, why is your life insurance policy in your car? Should your passengers be worried?)

  2. Smokey Says:

    You’ll be fine! And I never made any superbowl predictions.

  3. Mary Says:

    Good luck! I hope that $20 wasn’t for some back alley quack. Always go for the best doctors.

    ; )

  4. Astin Says:

    Make sure to threaten the doctors with a sound beating if they screw up. Doctors love having their God complex messed with.

  5. April Says:

    Dude, I will so fuck a doctor up if they so much as prescribe too much medicine. Unless it’s pain meds. Then I’m coming over.

  6. Tae Says:

    RE #6. Check your email.

  7. Tae Says:

    Wait, #2. No, #6. Whatever. Check your email.

  8. Dawn Summers Says:

    I’m not planning on dying. However, I was planning on being in Dallas next month, so… #screwed

  9. kaz Says:

    good luck! i can’t *believe* i have to wait for post-surgery follow up post…

  10. Sidney Says:

    For someone who gets very concerned when texts aren’t returned, my dad says you aren’t very good at returning texts.

    He still awaits the good news that you are out of surgery and all went fine.

  11. BWoP Says:

    I hope all goes well with the surgery.

  12. KJ Says:

    Good luck!

  13. DRobbSki and wife of DRobbSki Says:

    Good luck!!! Don’t die!!!

  14. DRobbSki and wife of DRobbSki Says:

    Oh and ugarles’ kid is super cute. (just getting caught back up after a few weeks away)

  15. tito Says:

    Give ’em hell! Meaning good luck, Dawn. :)

  16. F-Train Says:

    Dude, we said no more dying. If you die I am so going to kill you.

    Also — your mother doesn’t actually think she’s the beneficiary on your life insurance policy, does she…?

  17. Pdov Says:

    Good luck! Where are you having surgery – how long? I’m the hospital with Peter’s mom in TISCH. Thinking of you.

  18. Gib Says:

    Good luck with the surgery. I predict you will be fine, and I did not predict that the Patriots would win the Super Bowl, so you can trust my predictions.

  19. Gerard Says:

    You can still go to Dallas. You’d look great in an Aaron Rodgers jersey-even though he’s kind of a jerk.

    Not going to wish you good luck-hopefully the surgeons who’ll be working on you aren’t that bad-but good work on getting back to a simulacrum of your original blog canopy. Look forward to seeing more sappy pop music and annoying posts about Tom Brady in the future.


    -good times, G.

  20. Vero Says:

    Hope the recovery is going well. And don’t believe that myth about surgery changing your personality and stuff. But if you feel a personality change coming, just go back and read your blogs and tweets to remember who you are. Good luck!

  21. MissusB Says:

    Good luck with your surgery! And from the reckless way you did your trip planning of the midwest, I imagine that at one point you actually had a plan to see Mt. Rushmore and eat a beignet on the same day.

  22. restyle fur Dallas Says:

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