Where does the good go

There was blood

On that horrible horrible day when the very bad bad thing happened in Foxboro, I told Ugarles he could host his fortieth birthday at my apartment.

So I had like a BBQ on the balcony and Kearns and Alceste were gonna come, I invited a couple of other people, but it wasn’t really my party.
Anyway, five minutes after kick off, Kearns texts me “good luck I hope you lose.”
So I assume that meant he wasn’t coming and he didn’t. #rude

About an hour after the game ended, he shows up all laughing and making fun of Wes Welker.

I am highly highly highly annoyed.
So he goes “aw, but I brought you your favorite ice cream”
I give him this face: O_o

He goes into the kitchen and when he comes out he’s eating ice cream out of this giant  Jets glass.

I pay him no mind, but like 30 minutes later, I’m all “give me my ice cream!”

And he goes “I ate it.”
Now, I’m all “WHAT?!”
He goes “You’re a sore loser. So I ate it.”

So I tell Ugarles “Dude! Kearns brought me ice cream. Then poured it out into a Jets glass, sat at my table and ate it all!”

Ugarles looks me right in the face and goes “That is an upset.”

8 Responses to “There was blood”

  1. VinNay Says:

    They’re all going to laugh at you.

  2. Dawn summers Says:

    That’s okay. This way I’ll have a list with the correct spelling of their names. Just kidding. :)

  3. Mary Says:

    hahaha…we like Kearns.

  4. Dawn Summers Says:


  5. F-Train Says:

    Ugarles already told me this story. Stop recycling material you hack.

    I hope someone said “well played” to Kearns.

  6. Dawn Summers Says:

    Ouch. *cries*

  7. KJ Says:

    Your favorite Ice Cream was Yummy! You can blame Mary for the Jets glass.

    Sore loser!

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