Where does the good go

Yes, I die

Right away, in every apocalypse scenario.

Heck, I’m dying right now and I’m pretty sure it was just the freezing rain what done it.

via Mary

13 Responses to “Yes, I die”

  1. Mary Says:

    I get to hang out in the barren wasteland with Mad Max. Hmmm…original pre-crazy Mel Gibson Mad Max or new Tom Hardy Mad Max…I think I’ll take either one.

  2. Pearatty Says:

    Hmm. Terminator apocalypse. Wonder what that was all about.

  3. Pearatty Says:

    Why does not being afraid of animals, but liking them, lead to Terminator apocalypse, is what I’m asking.

    Apocalypse. That looks funny. Apocalypse. Maybe I’m spelling it wrong. Apocolypse. Nope.

    Someone should write a song called Apocalypso. Wait, that’s my idea. Noone else is allowed to write that song. Or, you know, call me, we can talk royalties. Apocalypso (c).

  4. Alceste Says:

    Pearatty: I think Mew beat you to the punch. (Not that there’s anything preventing you from writing a song with the same title.)

  5. Pearatty Says:

    Mew? Who is this Mew person?

  6. Pearatty Says:

    Ok, googled Mew. Jerks. Stealing my ideas right out of my head. Must adjust tinfoil hat.

  7. VinNay Says:

    Weird, as I was reading the comments, I turned on the TV and Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome was on.

  8. VinNay Says:

    I don’t think the mad max apocalypse needs another hero. They just need to know the way home.

  9. Dawn summers Says:

    I have no idea what’s going on in this comments thread. But carry on.

  10. VinNay Says:

    Dawn doesn’t know about the high-scrapers and the v-v-v-v-video from history back?

  11. Dawn summers Says:



  12. Dawn summers Says:

    Ok, that didnt quite work out for me.

  13. Pearatty Says:

    Bwah! Dawn called herself a weirdo!

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