Where does the good go

Have a good weekend

What a rollercoaster week…started off with me all giddy and patriotic in California, then plunged into worry and sadness about Avery and now I’m packing for my first slumber party ever! I hope my mom doesn’t have to come get me.

I have become such an internet stalker in the last few days. I’ve been googling and facebooking everyone I’ve ever known just to make sure they’re okay. So many of my old friends have kids now! And not like babies, but huge walking around kids that are about the age my friends were when I knew them! Crazypants. I still have too much ego to actually leave a note or anything, especially if I know I made the last contact…but it was good to see so many old faces. And I’m glad they’re doing well. Glad for most of ’em anyway. I did have to repeatedly stop myself from wishing other people were missing instead of Avery.

Bad Dawn.

Anyway, enjoy these last gasps of summer that we’ve had on the East Coast, keep those you love close and pray the Patriots defeat the Vikings on Sunday.

Wherever Avery is, I hope he knows that that so many people care about him and miss him. And dude, you will never believe who posted your missing poster on her facebook page! Call me!

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