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Not so random thought

Sometimes I fear I’m not as charming as I imagine.

8 Responses to “Not so random thought”

  1. fisch Says:

    Sometimes I fear that you’re not as charming as I imagine either.

  2. Pdov Says:

    Charming is overrated, being funny is far more delightful quality.

  3. Dawn Summers Says:


  4. Pearatty Says:


    Well, wait a minute. Just exactly how charming do you imagine you are?

  5. Dawn Summers Says:

    Umm…well…see… *runs*

  6. CGHill Says:

    I suspect when properly motivated she can charm one’s pants off.

    I should probably keep a spare pair of pants, just in case.

  7. Jake Says:

    But still charming never the less.

  8. Angela Says:

    You are not as charming as you think you are. In fact, you are way more charming!!

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