Where does the good go

True Blood

Dude. DUDE. WTF?

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  1. Rick Blaine Says:

    Is this WTF because someone did/didn’t win and you thought they should/shouldn’t have, or WTF generally with respect to the show? If the latter, i agree.

  2. Dawn summers Says:

    Latter. Last nights episode seemed uneven and ended in ridiculous fashion…

  3. VinNay Says:

    I’m with you – thought the preview for next week has me even more confused. Godric is back? double wtf.

  4. Dawn summers Says:

    Oldest, fastest vampire in the world can’t just tear eric’s arm off and fly back to his house before he burns? We saw bill spend like fifteen minutes outside in season one and yeah he was burned up, but once he killed rene, and went in some dirt, he was right as rain.

  5. Alceste Says:

    It’s silver! (Of course, even if he couldn’t overpower eric — certainly he could rip his arm off from the elbow down and find cover.)

  6. Dawn Summers Says:

    Yeah, that’s what I said! Rip eric’s arm off!

  7. Alceste Says:

    I was thinking about ripping off his own arm too — unless silver is supposed to make them completely weak (as with Pam and the silver chain around her neck), which may or may not be supported by the use of silver on the show in the past.

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