Where does the good go


1. If Neil Patrick Harris is nominated, he should win. Period. End of effing story.
2. I can’t wait till black people get invented, so they can be on TV shows and win Emmy’s.
3. I’m glad the Indian lady from The Good Wife won one. Suck it, Whitey. Yeah, I said it.
4. On the one hand, it would have been a nice “Fuck you, NBC,” if the Conan Obrien hosted Tonight Show had won. On the other hand, that show sucked.
5. Do you guys know that my mom LOVES Jimmy Fallon? Like tried to fight-me-in-AC-because-I-said-his-show-was-boring-and-wanted-to-change-the-channel-LOVE.
6. I’m glad George Clooney does charitable work and whatnot, but is it wrong that I’d prefer he just sit there and look pretty? I can’t stand the condescension. That’s a harder word to spell than you’d you think. Don’t tell Clooney, he’ll get all judgy about public school education.
7. I tweeted a lot about the Emmy’s. If you care you can go here. But you don’t, do you?
8. I’ve never seen the Big Bang. The Emmys think that dude is better than Alec Baldwin. Obviously, I can’t judge fairly, but Alec Baldwin is pretty dang good.
9. I’m in one of those “when I’m rich and famous, I’m going to destroy the following people” kind of moods. I’m logging off now. Please leave Angela lots of comments if she guest blogs.
10. Madmen still sucks.

11 Responses to “Emmy’s”

  1. PokerLawyer Says:

    I turned it on to Jewel singing. Then fell asleep. True story. Your blog just saved me, what, 3 hours?

  2. Ugarles Says:

    How dare you blame public education! You haven’t seen the inside of a public school since you were, what? 12?

  3. PirateLawyer Says:

    Jim Parsons is really good. Big Bang is hysterically funny.

  4. Tae Says:

    Big Bang is my favorite sitcom, and Mad Men rules. Suck it. More for me.

  5. VinNay Says:

    2. What about Tracy Morgans EGOT?
    8. Big Bang is hilarious, but you might not like it. It’s for smart people #yalesucks
    5. I’m going to help your mom fight you. #jimmy4ever

  6. Alceste Says:

    Related to 2: I wonder how that call went with Laurence Fishburne, we really need a black person on this show and we hear you’re available, pretty please?

    Additional random thought: was Heroes the whitest Sci-Fi show ever produced?

  7. Dawn Summers Says:

    Vinnay/Tae how do you both manage to like such awful, awful things?

    Alceste: Heroes had the black guy for two seasons and then the half black son. And the haitian. Beats star trek… i think.

  8. Alceste Says:

    The original Star Trek had one of the main characters — Heroes kept forgetting about the haitian, micah (and cousin) disappeared, and micah’s dad was probably the only person on that show who was killed and did not come back from the dead…

  9. Angela Says:

    Isn’t it “Emmys” not “Emmy’s”?

    Thanks for asking people to leave me nice comments if I guest blog, but me guest blogging would require me to remember that there is an internet (which I’ve forgotten about lately).

    When are you done hiatusing?

  10. Gib Says:

    I still don’t know who won the Emmys – I would have skipped my own wedding if Jimmy Fallon were presiding.

    Besides, if Supernatural didn’t win anything, the show was rigged. Probably by Jimmy Fallon.

  11. Pi Says:

    I have Big Bang season 1 and 2 on DVD.

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