Where does the good go

There are four names on this list that murdered my soul

Can you guess them?

14 Responses to “There are four names on this list that murdered my soul”

  1. Tae Says:

    Isn’t ANYBODY feeling ironic today?

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    Is it National irony day?

  3. Charles Star Says:

    The EASY way to go would be to make 4 ridiculous choices. The hard way is to guess the three that aren’t Bill Belicheck.

    Rick Schroeder, Scott Baio and The Rock. Actually, maybe not that hard.

  4. Dawn Summers Says:

    LOL! 2 out of 4.

  5. Pdov Says:

    Sarah Michelle Gellar…(yay for me…even though I don’t care abt that)
    Rick Schroeder (?)
    Gloria Estefan
    The Rock

  6. Pdov Says:

    James Earl Jones (?)

  7. Yaron Says:

    I’m guessing Chuck Norris, if only because Chuck Norris can murder your soul, then serve it with a nice garnish.

  8. Dawn Summers Says:

    LOL, Yaron. P-dov got 2 of 4 as well. :)

  9. Pearatty Says:

    Aw Buffy, say it ain’t so.

    But really, I’ve long since determined that SMG isn’t Buffy. She’s like the Buffybot — Joss programmed her and she did what he told her to. So Buffy is really Joss, not SMG. SMG has now just reverted to her original programming. So I should feel no more surprise/dismay than if, say, I sold my laptop and heard the new owner was using it to play Rambo videos.

  10. Pearatty Says:

    On the other hand, of course, Alyson Hannigan is totally Willow.

  11. Charles Star Says:

    I had SMG on my original list but I confused her with the girl who played Clarissa and crossed her off. Dammit. No Ricky Schroeder?

  12. Dawn Summers Says:

    GASP. GASP! You dont know who played Buffy? Or who played Sabrina the Teenage Witch? For shame.

  13. Eric Says:

    James Earl Jones is gonna be 80 in January.

    Damn, I feel old. I remember when he was kicking Conan’s ass.

  14. Gib Says:

    Sajak. Gotta be Sajak.

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