Where does the good go


Do you guys see Angela trying to pretend like today is NOT her birthday by staying off the internets?

Nice try.


5 Responses to “Umm…dude…”

  1. Angela Says:

    You outed me as the mayor of my birthday on foursquare.

    Or something.

    Yes I was pretending it didn’t exist. But now that the secret has escaped, maybe I’ll write that Lady Talk post on getting older. Maybe. If I remember. Because my mind is going now that I’m middle aged.

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    HAHAHAAHAHA Yes you must write a post on your birthday. It’s required. Or so I was told. I am very gullible.

  3. Tae Says:

    Oooh. Happy birthday!

  4. Pearatty Says:

    Happy Birthday Angela!!

  5. Angela Says:

    Thanks ladies!

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