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Suggestions (bumped)

Any Clareified readers with knowledge of Colorado, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota, Kansas or Missouri got any suggestions for must visit/eat/drink stuff in aforementioned states, please leave a detailed comment about such.

So far:

*Coor’s Light tour
*Prosecco bean farm
*Devil’s Tower
*Mount Rushmore
*Hot Springs
*Grotto something something
*Glowing balloons
*Big arch
*Anheuser Busch tour
*Riverboat tour

Also, if you’d like to meet your fearless hero shoot me an email at clareified at gmail. Assuming your fearless hero is me.

25 Responses to “Suggestions (bumped)”

  1. April Says:

    Uh….. what in the hell?

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    What? You didn’t know about the prosecco bean?

  3. Kat Says:

    South Dakota – Crazy Horse Monument, Corn Palace
    Wyoming – Yellowstone, Irma Hotel in Cody

  4. April Says:

    Not the farm, no, I didn’t. WHY are you visiting these places? WHY is Texas not on the list?

  5. Dawn Summers Says:

    Because Texas doesnt touch any of those states. And Grange promised me a tractor ride.

  6. Michael Bates Says:

    Why are you skipping Oklahoma? We have lots of casinos.

    Must see in Kansas: The Cosmosphere in Hutchinson — an amazing collection of U. S. and Soviet space artifacts, including the Apollo 13 command module and a lunar module. They set out the history of the Cold War space race, from the German rocket program in World War II to the Apollo-Soyuz joint mission, in a very compelling way. A few miles away you can tour a salt mine.

    Independence, Missouri, has the Truman Presidential Library. The Eisenhower Library is just a couple of hours to the west, in Abilene, Kansas. Abilene is worth driving through, even if you don’t stop — very picturesque late 19th century small town.

    If you’re passing through Wichita, you should stop by the Donut Whole, which offers an amazing variety of donut flavors (including Maple Bacon) and great coffee (and free wifi). It’s open 6 am to midnight, but the drive-through is 24/7.

    Another source of good eats in Wichita: B&C Barbecue — ribs, brisket, pulled pork, brisket, hot links, garlic coleslaw — all you care to eat for about $11. Open lunchtime Mon-Sat.

    You might find the “Eight Wonders of Kansas” worth a look.

  7. Michael Bates Says:

    Oops — forgot to close the tag on the Cosmosphere.

  8. Dawn Summers Says:

    Awww maaann… why is Wichita so far away from Council Bluffs?? 24/7 donuts is EXACTLY the type of suggestion I’m looking for!

  9. Phantommut Says:

    I once nearly got laid by a washtub full of beer located in a club in a suburb of Saint Louis in the mid ’90s.

    Even that gives me no idea why you think this trip might be a good thing.

  10. Ugarles Says:

    You don’t HAVE TO see the Corn Palace. It is kinda neat but there is nothing else in Mitchell and it isn’t really worth getting off the highway. Kat is right about Crazy Horse, though. Much more imposing than Mt. Rushmore and (when I was there anyway) a better accompanying museum. Do not – no matter how many signs you see – stop at Wall Drug. It is a gigantic store full of crap. Nothing interesting at all. Deadwood has casinos but they are HILARIOUSLY low stakes (or were in the late 90’s). I don’t think they have poker. The Pioneer Auto Museum in Murdo was pretty interesting if you like classic cars.

    In Wyoming, you’ve got Grand Teton NP, Yellowstone NP, Jackson Hole. Skip Old Faithful. What is interesting about Old Faithful is how regular it is BUT you have to wait ~45 minutes to see that it is regular. And it isn’t as impressively to-the-second regular as it used to be. There are geysers all over the park, some of them bigger than Old Faithful and more frequent to boot. Watch those. Cody has (or had) a rodeo every night; Steven and I didn’t stay in Cody overnight, so we missed the rodeo and it was our biggest regret from the trip. There used to be an awesome diner in Gillette called Bazel’s, but I don’t think it is there any more. No other reason to care about Gillette that I could see. Dick Cheney grew up in Casper. There’s probably a “boyhood home” to throw eggs at.

    In St. Louis, definitely go to the City Museum. Really, really awesome.

  11. Dawn summers Says:

    Lol. Chilly kept telling me I just HAD to visit wall drug! I think you ruined his rick roll.

  12. Ken Wheaton Says:

    Denver: Biker Jim’s Gourmet Sausages. It’s basically a souped up hot-dog cart on the corner of 16th and Arapahoe.

    AWESOME. Ate there pretty much every day during Democratic convention

  13. JS Forman Says:

    I agree that Wall Drug should be visited. It is incredible and a part of American History.

    The Badlands are my favorite National Park and the Crazy Horse Memorial is amazing.

    As for Deadwood, it does have poker now at least it did a few years ago when I was there. There were 2 small casinos that spread tournaments as well as fixed limit and a weird 2-12 spread limit game. I think there was also one casino that had a no limit but I’m not sure.

    As for the Corn Palace, I think its worth it as well.

  14. Astin Says:

    I don’t know much (read: nothing) about those places, but why in the hell would anyone do the Coors Light tour? Just visit a public swimming pool to achieve the same quality of beer. If my Twitter feed are to be believed, there are better breweries in those areas.

  15. Dawn Summers Says:

    Oh yeah, we’re totally doing deadwood. I am watching the DVDs now. Also planning to get me some corpse eating pigs. #hideyourkids #hideyourwife

  16. Alceste Says:

    Things I’d try to see in those states: Rockies game, Yellowstone (wrong way though), various barbeque places in NE, KS and MO, Royals game (if you’re feeling masochistic or if they’re playing a team you like), Negro League Baseball Museum in KC, 18th and Vine, Cardinals game.

  17. mary Says:

    Yelloowstone is in the wrong direction for us. Wall Drug was recommended to me too. Not too keen on visiting Coors – I know how beer is made and I have no desire to sample Coors. There will be better things to do in CO.

  18. Jamie Says: for a list of poker rooms and maps of their locations. Seriously, though, call in advance to make sure the poker rooms are open and still exist before you spend the time to go to one.

  19. MissusB Says:

    I like Wall Drug. They have great donuts. The zoo is great in Omaha. If you go to KC, eat at Arthur Bryant’s for BBQ. There are casinos in Council Bluffs, IA, just across the river from Omaha. We always lose, but we like the live Greyhound racing they do in the afternoon. The Old Market in Omaha has lots of great restaurants and shops. And it’s actually the “Grotto of the Redemption” and it’s a pretty interesting place. If you are going to western Nebraska, you can see Car-henge. Too bad you are here in the midwest this week, all of the bikers are in Sturgis.

  20. MissusB Says:

    Crap! **aren’t here in the midwest this week…..

  21. Dawn summers Says:

    MissusB email me, my trip’s not this week.

  22. Michele Says:

    The arch in STL is not worth your time IMO. The more interesting things that are in the same vicinity would be the riverboats or the baseball stadium, and you’ll see the arch anyway just being in that neighborhood.

  23. Consi Says:

    St. Louis-Botanical Gardens.

    and City Museum is kinda cool. It plays to your inner child.

    Dinner in St. Louis-Tony’s or Dierdorf & Hart’s if downton, Dominic’s on the Hill, Bel Lago if out west. If looking for bar food and brew, Johnny’s in Soulard. The wait staff is easy on a man’s eyes.

    Drinking-Harry’s or Schlafly’s Tap Room, downtown. Washington Ave. has been redeveloped, but don’t know what is there. Remy’s Kitchen & Wine Bar Clayton.

    If looking for something sweet on the run, Ted Drewe’s Frozen Custard is worth a taste.

    Kansas City-Nelson Aitkens Museum-

    Power & Light District-Drinking & eats of all kinds.

    Music-American Jazz Museum. Might check out who is playing The Blue Room.

    If downtown-I will buy your drinks at Pierpont’s in Union Station if in K.C. in the late afternoon or early evening.

    Eclectic eats-Michael Lewis/Extra Virgin. Grinder’s (pizza that has tater tots and chilli). Stroud’s (known for pan fried chicken-go to the north location or don’t go).

    Note-Arthur Bryant’s is acceptable. There is nothing special about K.C. BBQ.

    Omaha-Joslyn Art Museum. The Old Market is suitable if bored and wanting to walk around (shops, restaurants, etc.). Henry Doorly Zoo is truly a remarkable zoo for the Midwest.

    Eats-Orsi’s bakery in what used to be Little Italy. Buy some garlic bread. Get there early in the morning. La Sole Mio’s. Johnny’s Cafe (near the old stockyards). La Casa’s (neapolitan pizza. I love the pastry crust they use)

    Abilene, KS.-Brookville Hotel-Family style chicken dinner.

    Lincoln, NE-Home of Nebraska Cornhuskers. A home game is a unique experience with the best fans in the country.

    You are in for a change of pace. :-)

  24. Consi Says:

    I forgot the following:

    My favorite place to eat in the K.C. area-Justus Drugstore. It is in Smithville which is about 15 minutes north of the river in K.C. Not convenient if just traveling through the area, but if you get there, worth the time.

    Pioneer Village in Minden, NE. It is like viewing history by going to a giant garage sale.

    Oh, and if going through Iowa, possibly the Amana Colonies. The B & B’s are quaint. But them Iwegians suck at driving, so buckle up all across that state.

  25. Minton Says:

    If you are in KC you must check out Gates BBQ and/or Arthur Bryant’s Both are amazing, there are several other great places but those 2 will get you a good KC BBQ fix.

    Also while in KC hit up the Boulevard Brewery Tour…they are a great micro brew, their unfiltered wheat is amazing, I’d push my mother into traffic to get them to ship it out here to vegas, also try a thundercloud (half heffy half stout 100% amazing)

    The Power and Light District in KC can be fun, it’s a ton of bars and restaurants, gets really lively on the weekends.

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