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Not so random thought

I just now came to understand what ‘a stitch in time, saves nine’ means. It’s like, if you repair something in time, with the one stitch, you save yourself having to make a whole new sweater with like nine stitches!

Yes, I am home sick, not homesick, and I have finished watching all the back shows on my DVR… why do you ask?

7 Responses to “Not so random thought”

  1. Smokey Says:

    Oh no! Home sick is no good. Now’s the time to call your friends within driving distance and berate them until they bring you soup and new show ideas.

    In related news, I was also home sick this week and finally had time to watch the back episodes of Lost from when I was in the winter waste lands of no TV. So of course, I searched to find out what you thought about the ending! I read your post “Lost” from May 24th, and am shocked and appalled to see myself being referred to as an evil Smoke Monster in the comments! #shockedandappalled

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    can wygant drive yet?

  3. Smokey Says:

    His dad keeps saying any day now…

  4. Dawn summers Says:

    Excellent! Send the boy with soup and a cupcake.

  5. Smokey Says:

    Yes! We must train him early. I mean, I was already making Pearatty sandwiches when I was his age!

  6. Dawn summers Says:


  7. PokerLawyer Says:

    You are hilarious and I need to read your blog more. Do you have the needle transfusion version available for subscription?

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