Where does the good go


Okay, the vacation from my sabbatical was fun, but as I spent far too much of yesterday with the dark and twisty, I’d best retreat back into my cave before they manifest into weird dark unpleasant posts.

Plus, I know poor STB and Chilly have been real mad for the last three days! They so love me. Also, Astin and F-train seem to be under the impression that because my emails had question marks in them, that they were mere requests rather than the politely worded implied threats of violence that they really are. Boys are funny.

*Carves voodoo doll shapes of noncompliant guest blogger volunteers*

So, I bid you adieu.


Here is today’s song of the day: (Are you) the one that I’ve been waiting for by Nick Cave.

I like Nick Cave’s music a lot. But sometimes it sounds downright evil, like some reverse Gregorian chant. But this is what I’ve been listening to these days. Over and over. He’s calling me. I think his basement must be littered with the bones of the women he sings about. About whom he sings. Whatever.

Out of sorrow entire worlds have been built
Out of longing great wonders have been willed
They’re only little tears, darling, let them spill

O we will know, won’t we?
The stars will explode in the sky
O but they don’t, do they?
Stars have their moment and then they die

There’s a man who spoke wonders though I’ve never met him
He said, “He who seeks finds and who knocks will be let in”

And for your combo moment of Zen and makeup Pulp Fiction day: One minute you’re taking a dump, the next minute you’re being pumped full of lead from your own gun cause your partner has found the Lord and become a Jesus freak. And then you die.

3 Responses to “Pumpkin”

  1. Mary Says:

    Did you see that Nick Cave may be penning The Crow remake?

  2. Angela Says:

    Wow, you’ve got some nerve lady…”noncompliant guest blogger volunteers”??? Every damn time I wanted to post something, you just had.

    You suck at hiatusing*.

    I just thought up a column I want to start writing (maybe Mondays?) that I was going to just start sneaking in to do even if you were still lurking around. Will start next week, regardless of what your fickle ass is doing. :)

    (*not a word but I like it.)

  3. Pdov Says:

    Hahah, fickle ass. Yay for Angela posting. #doit

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