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This time for me

When the birthday season ends, Dawn Summers vanishes for a bit. She must restore the ratio of hermit isolation to attention whoring. Nothing absolute, just cutting way back on the blogging, texting, tweeting, emailing, facebooking, and leaving my house-ing.

As always, I had a great birthday season. Reading this post reminded me how lucky I am to know all most of you.

But after something like five sustained weeks of the birthday season, I am even sick of myself, so we’re Desmond Tutu-ing for a bit…probably till September. Unless the Mets overtake first place in the NL…hahaha, yeah, so September.

Don’t worry, I’ve already lined up an all-star team of Poetry Wednesday guest bloggers and I’m sure Libearace will post some more production numbers. He is one talented bear. And I’ll still be your expert source on animals trying to kill us.

As for Dawn, she’ll be hibernating/hanging out with young Sammy and the people who, even when they are sick of her, are tethered to her by blood. Poor bastards. She’ll also be catching up on her movie watching and filmchaw blogging (I met the one person who reads my reviews!) Blockbuster has been all cocky these last two months, we must put it back in its place. That place being bankruptcy.

I’ve got a toddler birthday, a trip or two to AC, huffing my Droid X power source and ill-advised emotional cutting to occupy my time. Plus, a shit ton of books to get through. Angela gives quizzes. (Speaking of which, do you want to read with us? Join our invisible internet friends bookclub…no, not you, but you? Get on over here and grab a virtual beanbag.)

Enjoy the radio silence…while you can, cause it will soon be followed by lots and lots of…


And now, for your moment of Zen…

12 Responses to “This time for me”

  1. Angela Says:

    Nice plug for #atbc! You can’t miss our discussion day though.

    I will miss obsessive checking your blog for new posts and comments over the next month. What am I going to do all day at work now?

  2. Pdov Says:

    I’ll miss you too! Happy hibernating! I’m all for that!

  3. Angela Says:

    I should have mentioned that I too, support the hibernating, even though you will be missed here in internet land.

    Also, I was thinking, you are like Europe, going on holiday for the month of August.

  4. Tae Says:

    I might as well quit the internet.

  5. Angela Says:

    Tae, I heard a rumor that someone else was going to be filling in for her.

    Also, to fill up your lonely days with no Dawn Summers, join our book club!!

  6. Tae Says:

    I joined, but honestly I’m overwhelmed with reading this month. Maybe next month?

  7. pearatty Says:

    I will not Twitter! Not even to join your stupid book club. Not even when Dawn is going to stop posting for a month.


    Fine. How do I sign up. Jerks.

  8. Petitedov Says:

    P – It’s easy got to
    My twitter name is petitedov, click follow and you’re my friend. #doit

  9. Ugarles Says:

    The end of birthday season is like second Lent.

  10. Angela Says:

    Tae–yes, join us next month!

    Pearatty–Definitely join!!! Go to, create an account. Follow @realdawnsummers, @dior74, @petitedov, @tellin, @atbclub, etc.

    And start reading Justin Cronin’s The Summer Guest–we’re discussing it in mid-August!

  11. Katie Says:

    Awwww… I understand teh need for hibernation but I will miss reading your blogs and tweets!

  12. Tae Says:

    No matter how much I might want to see that Charlie St. Cloud movie, I wouldn’t be able to because all I can see in my head is this pedo lady chasing after him. Ew.

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