Where does the good go

What now?

Obviously, I love this scene. Who doesn’t?! How many of us has stared into the face of some dipshit and promised to go medieval on his or her ass with some pipe hitting nigg*s? Oh, just me then? How awkward for me.

However, it’s the scene just after this, I really wanted to get at. When Butch says:

“No, what now between you and me?”

And Marcellus says “Oh, that what now.”

The first time I saw that scene it just bout BLEW my MIND! And each time I’ve seen it since…like dyaam.

When to squash the beef? Yeah, after the guy who dicked you out of a six figure payday saves you from rapists seems like a good time. However, it’s not just like Butch *assumes* the beef is squashed. He knows he did wrong, he knows Marcellus has every right to kill him. And it’s not like Marcellus is just a blubbering grateful “my hero,” mess about it either. Butch saved his life, sure, but Butch is a liar and a cheat, the code dictates that he die. The very same code that dictates that he go medieval on Mister rapist on the floor. So, Butch’s hesitating broach of the subject, Marcelluses’ measured compromise that Butch be allowed to run and never return…it’s just like wow.

I love it!

12 Responses to “What now?”

  1. pearatty Says:

    Yeah, I thought that scene was awesome too. It also shows how Butch is truly an honorable guy — he goes back in and saves Marcellus knowing Zed will probably kill Marcellus and take care of all of Butch’s problems, and knowing that Marcellus’ code may not let him let Butch get away even if he saves him.

    Funny that Butch is a liar and a cheat in Marcellus’ world, because he wouldn’t cheat. Maybe he’s just a thief.

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    No, a thief is like HunnyBunny, who puts a gun in your face and takes yo shit! Butch cheated Marcellus out of that money.

  3. pearatty Says:

    Ok, but did Butch really have a choice? When he was standing in front of Marcellus could he have said: “Sir, I appreciate your offer, I really do, but I’m just not going to take a fall. You’re just going to have to take your chances on this one like everyone else.”? There was a lot of implied violence going on in that room.

  4. Dawn Summers Says:

    hahaha but Butch ended up in that room with marcellus because he was up to his eyeballs in gambling debt or whatnot. He couldnt pay up, so he agreed to take a dive to settle the debt. So IN FACT, he welched on Marcellus TWICE! #RUDE

  5. pearatty Says:

    Ok, so welcher, sure, but liar/cheater? Only under threat of physical violence.

  6. Dawn Summers Says:

    A welcher IS a liar! And I cant remember exactly, but if he made the deal with Marcellus KNOWING he had no intention on living up to it, then CHEAT!

  7. pearatty Says:

    Can’t you be an honest welcher? Like: “I was going to pay back my gambling debts by taking out a home equity line, but now my house is underwater because of an international economic depression, so I don’t have any money to pay you back with, at the moment, but I will definitely pay you what I can, when I can.”? That’s the kind of welcher I think Butch is.

  8. pearatty Says:

    Also, if someone says to me: “I will shoot you in the head unless you cheat at that game.”, I’m going to cheat but it doesn’t make me a cheater — even the law says so!

  9. pearatty Says:

    I’m a total Butch apologist.

  10. Dawn Summers Says:

    *makes note to never lend Pearatty money* #honestwelcher?? #oxymoron

  11. pearatty Says:

    Heeeyyyy, we’re talking about Butch, here, Butch!

  12. Dawn Summers Says:

    hahahahahah uh huh. <_< #mamadidntraisenofool

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