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It goeth before the fall (by guest blogger F-train)

Three weeks ago I sent Dawn a text asking that the next Pulp Fiction Tuesdays post be the scene with Ving Rhames telling Bruce Willis, “That’s pride fucking with you.”

Her reply, and this is a direct quote, was, “So guest post! I am not your worker monkey.” I laughed, because she is TOTALLY my worker monkey. Has slavery taught us nothing? I’m the white guy, she’s the black woman. Worker monkey, thy name is Dawn Summers!

I obviously did not reply to Dawn’s skin-tone-blind remark and instead figured that Dr. Joseph must have been right all those years ago. Imagine my surprise, on Monday three days later, when I received another text. “Where’s my Pulp Fiction Tuesday guest post? Where?!”

Dawn knows that right now I am working 16-hour days at the World Series of Poker, 6 or 7 days a week. I barely have enough time to post something to my own site, never mind provide her with my labor and wit. For free! Outrageous. (I LOL’d For realz just now! – Ed.)

My cries of sleep deprivation fell on deaf ears.

“You think I *care* about your schedule? Get it done! Get it done NOW!” There may also have been some shaking of fists and some imaginary lamp-throwing. It was all quite childish, but I can forgive Dawn that immaturity because she is still only 29 years old. Maturity comes when you hit 30.

Now truth be told, I find Dawn to be an engaging, witty, and entertaining writer. To be asked (well, ordered) to post something on her site was flattering in a small way. But dammit I am NOT “her nigga”! I am definitely not her nigga without being handed an envelope stuffed full of cash beforehand, and even then it’d be a game-time decision.

But that was just pride fucking with me. And so, like a past-his-prime boxer ordered to take a dive, I finally submitted a Pulp Fiction Tuesdays post to Dawn. Some things – things like avoiding Dawn’s wrath – are more important than pride.

6 Responses to “It goeth before the fall (by guest blogger F-train)”

  1. Dawn Summers Says:

    I like the scene between butch and ismeralda…but i cant find it on the internets.

  2. Tae Says:

    Gotta read this later, but here:

  3. F-Train Says:

    This F-Train person sounds like a pretty awesome guy. You’re lucky to have him as a friend!

  4. dawn summers Says:

    @Tae Ken wheaton posted a link to those the other day…I don’t know how I feel about “bacon cupcakes…” I won’t even eat red velvet cupcakes! Have you tried them yet?

    @ftrain Um…you know that people already know who you are, right? And you know that you signed that comment with your own name, right? Kay. Just checking.

  5. April Says:


    In other news, where’s the post about how awesome I am? No way in HELL am I getting upstaged by F-Train!!

  6. pearatty Says:

    That was pretty funny. And the Bruce Willis story line is my favorite in Pulp Fiction.

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