Where does the good go

Is it Friday?

I am NOT drunk, no matter what you hear. Yes, I was doing double shots of some Glen Livet thing or another because they were out of Jameson’s. But Vinnay was drinking some wuss sorority girl beer, so I wouldn’t believe his eye witness account. And Caity was Ms. Out Flops Dawn A lot, so you know, raycist.

Anyway, I am up watching the US tie it up against Slovenia, blogging and feeling FINE! So, whose story do you believe?

25 Responses to “Is it Friday?”

  1. pearatty Says:

    Um, I’m unclear on what the stories are.

  2. pearatty Says:

    But I do gather you are drunk? Is that what you’re getting at?

  3. Dawn Summers Says:

    Imma fight you, pearatty! FIGHT YOU! The only takeaway is that I was NOT drunk. And that Vinny might be a girl.

  4. Pdov Says:

    You made it! Yay. #drunky

  5. Tae Says:

    Um, High Fidelity and Jerry Maguire are on Hulu. I think I’m done working for the day. Where’s Angela?

  6. Dawn Summers Says:

    I didn’t like High Fidelity.

  7. Tae Says:

    Of course you didn’t. We don’t like any movies the other one likes.

  8. Dawn Summers Says:

    Oh good! Cause I didn’t like Jerry Maguire either. Except for the Cuba Gooding parts…though maybe I should watch it again now that I get football more. Oh wait, will Rene stupidface still be in it? Or is there a new director’s cut?

  9. pearatty Says:

    I hated Jerry Maguire. “You had me at hello”? That’s romantic? He treated her like crap the entire movie — she was entitled to a great big apology/confession of love. If he really had her at hello, that just means she’s a low-self-esteem doormat, which I guess we knew from the beginning, but how is that supposed to be the basis for a great romance?

  10. pearatty Says:

    But yeah, the Cuba Gooding parts were all right.

  11. Angela Says:

    Sorry I missed the earlier Dawn is drunk ICF action today. There was an overuse of bandwith today at work and I had to not go online. Terrible!!! I barely survived the day.

    Wish I was drunk and in Vegas. Instead I’m bored and sitting on a couch in Jersey, too lazy to get changed out of my work clothes. #lame #truestory

  12. Dawn Summers Says:

    I do not understand how a post specifically about how I AM NOT drunk gets so misconstrued! You all fail the SAT retroactively!

  13. Smokey Says:

    Go US! Woo hoo World Cup! Why are you in the West where you are, and not the West where we are, so as to bond over soccer? Oh, and you know how awesome the World Cup is? The final is on my birthday. Yup. That’s the best Birthday Season present there is*!

    *Later I will deny this when a better one comes my way.

  14. pearatty Says:

    That’s the best Birthday Season present there is*!

    No, no, that’s the best one.

  15. Dawn Summers Says:

    Well, well, well look who got to have a July birthday last year and is being all presumptuous about her chances for this year?

  16. Smokey Says:

    There’s a new player in town, and her name is Future Mother-in-Law Smokey. With a birthday *the very day after* mine. I gotta take what’s mine! Then again, maybe October would be a better month…

  17. Smokey Says:

    No, no, that’s the best one.

    No, no, no, I’d better wake up to offerings at my door!

  18. Mr. Smokey Says:

    But not *burnt* offerings. Only YOU can prevent apartment fires!

  19. Pearatty Says:

    Burnt offerings or nothing.

  20. Smokey Says:

    Don’t ruin Smokey’s reputation!

  21. Dawn Summers Says:

    Hahaha the family that burns offerings together…are welcome to crash on my couch in NY while they rebuild. Wygant gets the guest bedroom to himself, obviously.

  22. VinNay Says:

    Point of information. Dawn Lies. More to come at

  23. Angela Says:

    Everybody knows that you saying you are not drunk is a clear indication that you have been drinking.

  24. Dawn Summers Says:

    Well, obviously, I have been drinking; otherwise, it wouldnt even be a question. But I am answering the question in the negative! NOT. Drunk. NOT!

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