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Arizona: the state that keeps on giving

Governor signs law to eliminate “ethnic studies classes” in Arizona schools.

A Republican running for attorney general, Horne has been trying to restrict the program ever since he learned that Hispanic civil rights activist Dolores Huerta in 2006 told students that “Republicans hate Latinos.”

District officials said the program doesn’t promote resentment, and they believe it would comply with the new law.

About 1,500 students at six high schools in the district are enrolled in the program. Elementary and middle school students also are exposed to the ethnic studies curriculum. The district is 56 percent Hispanic, with nearly 31,000 Latino students.

5 Responses to “Arizona: the state that keeps on giving”

  1. Angela Says:

    My ICF comment has to do with an 80’s/early 90’s sitcom that I thought up this morning but I’m afraid to post it under this particular blog item because I was already gonna have to do a “I swear it wouldn’t be racist” disclaimer anyway! So I’m keeping this ICF to myself. But I will say, that it would be cool if I could use the Hot Tub Time Machine to go back to that time period and produce this sitcom because it would have totally been a hit!

  2. Minh Says:

    Where have you been? This wonderful news happen like last week….oh right, that was when your blogger credential was withdraw.

  3. dawn Says:


  4. Eric Says:

    Did you read the article you linked? The law doesn’t eliminate ethnic studies.

  5. Dawn Summers Says:

    Sure, technically. But ledes are hard.

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