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Hilarious bit

You should know that when it comes to youtube, I am an old lady who has just learned to forward emails. Natch, specifically, I am my 65-year-old mother who has just learned to foward e-mails to my 29 year old daughter. My blackberry buzzes and I’m like “Yay…lemon…no, no I will NOT forward this to 21 of my friends for luck all week!” And then later that day, when my mom calls, expressing dismay that I have not called her, even though, for all I know, she could be DEAD! Dead and rotting her apartment while no one notices and two weeks hence the fire department will have to axe the door down after a neighbor smells her rotting corpse through the door…she will then add: “oh, did you get that email I sent with the 10 funniest types of women? Wasn’t that funny?”
So, in that vein: I find the funniest things on youtube! There is a dancing banana and a fat white boy with glasses singing some foreign song and chair dancing as he lip syncs and then there is this:

4 Responses to “Hilarious bit”

  1. pn Says:

    this is even funnier if you youtube ‘what’s new pussycat’ as a reminder as to how annoying that song is. the chorus is unbelievably grating. almost as bad as the star spangled banner melody.

  2. elana Says:

    have you heard his whole Girl Scout cookie bit? Hilarious.

  3. Dawn Summers Says:

    I saw the girl scout cookie bit on SNL…it was the only watchable thing that week? Is there more?

  4. Dawn Summers Says:

    I dont need any help remembering how annoying what’s new pussycat is! Shudder!

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