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Letter from Arizona Hispanics

Yeah, I might have buried the lede.

3 Responses to “Letter from Arizona Hispanics”

  1. Pearatty Says:

    I love how the suggestion for rectifying the decision to sign this into legislation is for Hispanics to register Republican.

    I mean, actually, it’s true that McCain is immigrant friendly, and that the choice here for Senator is probably between McCain and some other Republican, and we have closed primaries, but still, it kind of shows a piss-poor sense of self-esteem.

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    Unless, truthfully, they are more Republican than Hispanic. I am pro equal rights for gay people, but my solution to those issues is also to get more people to register Democrat even though our party’s record on gay rights issues is piss damn hell ass poor.

  3. Pearatty Says:

    Yeah, there is that point — much of the AZ Hispanic population identifies with the Republican position on abortion and gay rights. I’m not sure if there’s much other natural affinity, but there you are.

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