Where does the good go

He’s all up in my mental mind

As far as the privacy goes, it’s sort of disingenuous for a person who blogs, Tweets and Facebooks as much as I do to start making noises about privacy only when the shit hits the fan. And I have nothing to hide. There was no bad behavior by either party. And I certainly didn’t want to do any passive-aggressive half-drunken weep-blogging, with little dribs and drabs coming out here and there, the sort of thing used by some folks to get the other party to ask, “Is everything okay?”

So why now? Aside from the handy month mile-marker, you may have noticed I haven’t posted much in the last month. That’s partly due to laziness and depression, but also partly due to the fact that every time I logged on to WordPress, it was the elephant in the room. (See what I did there, AXA Financial? It’s an elephant, not an 800-pound gorilla that’s impossible to ignore. The 800-pound gorilla is WRONG.) Anyway, where was I. Oh, yeah. Elephant, a big ol’ writer’s block, dropping big ol’ elephant turds all over the place. Elephant turds of LIES!!! And also turds of self-delusion: If I didn’t write it, it wasn’t real. Yeah, that’s it.

Since discovering I’d been unceremoniously defriended on facebook by so and so, I haven’t been blogging much, for the reason that Mr. Wheaton so cleverly articulates…that big thing is just dwarfing all else in my head. But, like I said yesterday, that post just isn’t there yet. So. Onward we slog until I can be fair or no longer care.

2 Responses to “He’s all up in my mental mind”

  1. Ken Wheaton Says:

    You’re lucky I’m not the sensitive type (or a woman). Because instead of just pointing out that you’re comparing a Facebook defriending with a divorce, I’d call you up crying and screaming about how you cheapened my entire life.

    But you called me clever and quoted me, so that satisfied my ego.

    Also, I don’t have your number.

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    Hahaha well, I was defriended by someone who I’ve known four times as long as you knew your wife, if that makes you feel better. And we are also most definitely defriended irl too. Although, making you cry like a little girl might make me feel better, so…um…nevermind. Yeah, I got defriended my one of my mob wars friends from indonesia and that’s totally the same as you. My number is 555-Snap

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