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My elf refuses to post for me anymore on the grounds that “I don’t feel like blogging” is not the same as an inability to blog. I vehemently objected. However, the lack of posts yesterday indicates that while my objection was duly noted, I evidently can suck in.
*Deep breath*
So, we’ll know whatever there is to know on Wednesday. But I’ve really got nothing to blog about, so feel free to 1. Entertain yourselves 2. Ask me fun and clever questions. Especially math questions. I am awesome at math questions! Just ask Alceste, I was adding and multiplying in MY HEAD a couple of days ago. In. My. Head!
Also, you can ask me about beating Kearns at text messaging. I am very good at that too. Curiosity something something.

35 Responses to “Formspring”

  1. DRobbSki Says:

    Two trains leave Brooklyn at the same time, both traveling to Manhattan at speeds of 40 mph. One train skips Manhattan entirely. Which one is Dawn on?

  2. DRobbSki Says:

    2 + 2 = 4
    4+ 4 = 8
    8 + 8 = 16
    16+ 16 = ??

  3. DRobbSki Says:

    If you are Cameron in Ferris Bueler’s Day Off, complete this song lyric: When Pharaoh was in Egypt’s land _______________________.

  4. DRobbSki Says:

    If you consistently spend more than you earn, what do you do?

  5. DRobbSki Says:

    If Lola and Pi were to enter a baking contest who would win?

  6. DRobbSki Says:

    If Fisch and Ugarles were to enter a baking contest, who would win?

  7. DRobbSki Says:

    If the winner of the Lola and Pi baking contest were to enter a baking contest with the winner of the Fisch and Ugarles baking contest, who would win?

  8. DRobbSki Says:

    (I don’t think I know any of those people, but what the heck? Trying to entertain you here…And good luck on Wed.)

  9. DRobbSki Says:

    Oh, we were supposed to be doing this on formspring? whooops.

  10. Dawn Summers Says:

    Ok, first off, I think you win commenter of the day. Congratulations.
    Second, I’m pretty sure you know both Lola and Pi! Liar!

    Third, and as you, Ugarles and Fisch are all Jewish, you probably met them at the meetings.

    Fourth, as to your questions, here are the answers in no particular order:

    A. 32
    B. Ugarles
    C. Pi
    D. In her Beamer
    E. Ball
    F. Haven’t see that movies in ages, though the retrospective at the Oscars reminds me I should rent it.
    G. Pi

  11. Dawn Summers Says:

    H. Yep. :) #ReadingComprehensionFail

  12. DRobbSki Says:

    Oh, right, Ugarles and Fisch from the meetings? Well, shoot, that’s all you had to say!

  13. DRobbSki Says:

    Well, since I apparently know Pi, I’d better wish Pi a happy birthday.

  14. Dawn Summers Says:

    Bahahaha #classmateFail

  15. DRobbSki Says:

    Hmm, quiet day on Clareified and Formspring.

  16. Tae Says:

    I missed you in AC this weekend. The gravitational force is glad; but me, not so much.

  17. Dawn Summers Says:

    I missed you in AC this weekend.
    Umm…*blinks* evidently you did. :)

  18. DRobbSki Says:

    ***efforts to think up ways to distract Dawn until Wed continue but, as evidenced by my repeated fails earlier, I cannot brain today***

  19. Dawn Summers Says:

    Do you have the drunk?

  20. Alceste Says:

    Tae: When/where were you in AC? We were playing at Caesars Satuday (all except for Dawn, who secretly drove herself to Harrahs Saturday morning…)

  21. Alceste Says:

    And in reference to the original post, Dawn Summers did in fact quickly calculate an M number from the size of a chip stack and the blind/ante levels (no word on whether a calculator was used).

  22. Dawn Summers Says:


  23. Tae Says:

    We were at Caesars for the WSOP Sunday 12pm (let’s not discuss it). Played the Showboat 7pm Saturday and 7pm Sunday, and some 1/2, since we were staying there. Kept it easy.

  24. Dawn Summers Says:

    What’d you think of Showboat rooms? Perhaps I have been spoiled by Harrah’s – but the last time me and the crew stayed there, I compared it to Bally’s. No bueno.

  25. Alceste Says:

    I feel like this comment section belongs on another blog celebrating your triumphant return to AC…

  26. Tae Says:

    It depends where you stay. The *New* Orleans tower (not the Orleans tower) is exceptionally nice. I always request to stay there now. I agree, other rooms in Showboat, especially the old parts of Orleans, are as horrid as Bally’s. Last time they put us in one I requested to be moved right away. Bleh.

  27. Dawn Summers Says:

    In the form of a question, Alceste.

  28. Dawn Summers Says:


    Our room was in the old tower on the floor with the pool! Horrid! I woulda cried racism, but we let the white girl book it. :/

  29. Tae Says:

    I also ask for the highest possible floors, away from the elevators. You couldn’t pay me to stay on the pool floor, even in non-pool season. Next time, ask for the NEW Orleans tower. If the desk just says “Orleans,” tell them to try again.

  30. Tae Says:

    By the way, I totally laughed at, “If you have a wheat-based allergy, does this make you a gluten for punishment?”

  31. Mary Says:

    “but we let the white girl book it. :/” – true, but I have a French* sounding last name so there was probably some bias involved.

    *And no, I am not French – my adopted parents are Italian and I just don’t pronounce the name in the correct Italian fashion. Although I think there may be some random French Canadian guy (who was gut-shot running gin) mixed somewhere in my bio-dad’s family.

  32. Dawn Summers Says:

    I always picture “bio dad” as a robot.

  33. Tae Says:

    So if there’s was a triumphant return, why am I not reading it on that other blog?

  34. Dawn Summers Says:

    That’s a very good question.

  35. Jamie Says:

    gluten for punishment


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