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Fat Tuesday

Lenten eve!
I just finished Ken Wheaton’s book, The First Annual Grand Prairie Rabbit Festival. It’s not at all what I expected, though perhaps it reveals my prejudices about Louisiana, that I definitely thought there’d be a dead body involved.
There wasn’t.
It’s very much a fun, light-hearted, if blasphemous love story and as pleasant a way to pass the time on your commute as any. But, um, if anybody wearing pointy hats, white collars or black habits, asks, I never even so much as SAW this book. If I’m getting a lightning bolt, I’m getting it for my own misdeeds, thank you very much. (DUDE, power just went out on my laptop after I typed that! I’m not kiddding. You say, “because the battery was drained,” I say “Jesus mad.” At Ken! Not me. KEN. KEN WHEATON. WHO Blogs over here. *Crosses self and says a Hail Mary*)

Ah, but I bring it up, not because months of reading Snaps’ twitterfeed has brainwashed me into a hapless shill for his book The First Annual Grand Prairie Rabbit Festival, oh, my favorite part had to be the argument over whether a thing could be first and annual. LOL. Sorry, where was I? Ah, the reason I bring it up was this passage:

Even though our little triumvirate is broken, we manage to play nice, largely through the efforts of Mark. On the other hand, I imagine this is what hell must be like– being so close to something that once seemed ideal, knowing that you’d reached too far and fucked it all up.

I thought about that for a long time. I’m not sure why. Poor me, poor Icarus. But Lent seems like just the time to stop overreaching, or underreaching or reaching at all. And hopefully, we’ll come out safe on the other side.

I’m mostly looking for quiet this season; though, in some form or another, it’s what I always look for during Lent — To still the waters just enough to take a good reflexive look without the distracting ripples.
To my fellow Catholics, I wish you success on your personal lenten journeys.
To Ken…good luck. Don’t wear metal objects.

8 Responses to “Fat Tuesday”

  1. chsw Says:

    Does this mean that you will foreswear blogging, e-mail, Facebook and MySpace for Lent?


  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    hahah Yes! I definitely forswear MySpace for Lent!

  3. CGHill Says:

    “…to still the waters just enough so to take a good reflexive look without the distracting ripples.”

    You come up with some dazzling imagery sometimes.

  4. Ken Wheaton Says:

    Hey. Don’t worry, Dawn. One of my Catholic school religion teachers and a few others (including my first-grade teacher) have read it. They haven’t been struck by lightning … yet.

    Thanks for reading!

  5. April Says:

    Awww, I think it’s cute that we finished reading at the same time!


  6. Dawn Summers Says:

    April, BFF! Not in bunniness though. cause then I’d have to kill us and make stew.

    Ken, Nice try. Next you’ll be telling me to just take one little bite of this here tasty apple.

  7. Dawn Summers Says:

    Thanks Dustbury! Also, I didn’t know that you were a nude conservative blogger.

  8. CGHill Says:

    They don’t hand out badges for that sort of thing. Fortunately.

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