Where does the good go


I saw this poem on a bus a long time ago. It was short and I memorized it. But since I never studied it in school or anything, I don’t have any profound thoughts about it. But, somehow, it fits my mood today.

The Blue Boat by Kathleen Jamie

How late the daylight edges
toward the northern night
as though journeying
in a blue boat, gilded in mussel shell

with, slung from its mast, a lantern
like our old idea of the soul

5 Responses to “Blue”

  1. Riggs Says:

    inspiring…. pretty…. thoughtful… I like.


    If the boat was really gilded in mussel shell, wouldn’t it attract the sharks? Or killer whales? Or giant monster sea gulls? therefore jeopardizing the journey?

    Maybe that’s what she meant? I know… I’m a cynic

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    I think it means we’re all gonna die. At least a sea monster would be quick.

  3. Jamie Says:

    Man, that is one long run-on sentence! Is that all it takes to be a poet? Muddled thoughts and bad grammar broken up into stanzas?

    The Bad Poet by Jamie Weinstein

    The world beats its heart
    upon the chest of
    a baby baboon, swimming in
    the shoals of moss covered dreams
    and laced with the intensity
    of ten cities, of a long forgotten age,
    whose citizens cry for their own braying
    and beating of baboons.

  4. Angela Says:

    Jamie that is my most favorite poem I’ve ever read.

  5. Angela Says:

    p.s. Jamie the only way it could possibly have been better would be if the baboons were from outer space. Other than that, perfect.

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