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Thanks for all the laughs and love in 2009

When I was teenager, I used to play a memory game in my head, while I waited for the bus to take me to school or home. I’d try to remember a concrete thing that happened each day of each month. At the end of the year though, I’d try to think of one big thing from each month for every year starting at the present year going back until my bus came or I got stuck. I was going to do that again, but I realized, my memory isn’t what it used to be and I’d just cheat and go through my archives. Instead, I decided to do a year’s end thank you to the people in the Clareiverse. So, yeah, go ahead and get your Ctrl + F pressing fingers ready…cause this list is in no order other than random Dawn’s memory shuffle. Enjoy.

We’d like to thank April first and foremost for organizing the Winter Poker Blogger gathering! It was a randomly well-needed vacation. Also we thank April for getting us on twitter. On the other hand, you all now know who to blame. Oh, and April is also the awesome bringer of the molten Lava philosophy which exponentially cut down on the number of days I’ve spent wringing my hands and agonizing over nonsense. Which, of course, leaves me more time to tweet.

Second, we’d like to thank JCN, without whom my greatness would not be possible. Well, it’d be possible, but it wouldn’t be as great!

Speaking of twitter, we’d like to thank Petweetdov, our favorite Republican hippie. Also she is a total perv who is skilled at making ordinary, everyday accusations of theft sound dirty. Which makes us laugh. Also her threats may be just the thing that gets my book finally done.

We’d also like to thank Angela for inspiring Poetry Wednesday and making up words our language didn’t even realize it needed! My inane twitter conversations with her and pdov got me through one of the worst jobs I’ve ever had. Blech. Not to mention her genius invention of inane comments Friday! What up! Also, for one last time in ’09 “Suck in, Ken Wheaton!”

Thanks to Gerard for like an endless library of youtube footage and internet links! I swear, I’ll blog the most random thoughts and he is quick with a comment pointing me to a video or story about it! He led me to actual video of the famous Harvard/Yale tie! Dude. Now, if he’d just apologize to Barney Stinson, we’d be all good.

Thanks to Elana for introducing me to How I Met Your Mother, by the way. And also for my latest sports teams challenged, hilarious fake brother.

To Gib, for finally getting me into Supernatural just in time for the combo shark jump/series end. Grr. But he makes up for it with the cute Xander pics and thorough fake wrestler coverage.

To Mrs. Jake for being an excellent Scrabble student and teaching me how to make a bed. Though you will probably have to show me again, because I am old and TV has rotted my brain.

Thanks to Jake for the awesome Rumpole DVDs! Anytime guests to my apartment see them, they think I am learned and worldly, not a girl who just watches Gossip Girl! And for pretty much introducing me to the whole cast of High School Musical 2, including my fiance Zac Efron.

Thanks to Kearns, my own personal yoda, who gives me excellent advice sugar coated in words that make me laugh every time I think of it. I do have short arms! And thank you for all the pizza. They are always tasty and delicious! Also, for his work, along with Phil Ivey in rehabilitating the reputation of black male poker players. I apologize for what I have done to the reputation of black female poker players.

Thanks to Kat for planning and running Eh, Vegas this year! I had so much fun and I got to see Toronto for the first time which was kick ass! We must do Tim Horton’s next time so I can practice the craps skills that Astin and Nasim taught me.

Thanks to Mary for doing all the planning to get us to Canadia. I totally wouldn’t have gotten off my lazy butt to make the arrangements myself! Also thanks for all her baking this year and continuing to play poker at my house even though mean, redhead Eric always sucks out on her. (That’s a poker term, you pervs, I’m looking at you pdov!) Oh and for the AWESOMENESS that is Liz Phair and Magnetic Fields. And really both those CDs! You are definitely my second favorite Mary! (What? You birth us a savior and I will move you up a notch.)

Thanks to Vinnay for all the friendly football banter. My favorite was the Patriots home opener! That we may have conversations like that every football season! Also for being the best Buffalo hoster and the impromptu marathon drive down for my birthday! I was truly floored that you’d come all that way just for me! And then I realized it was for the pizza. :) And for the awesome Zac Efron video! Seriously, Tae, you have to watch it!

Thanks to NoCal Eric, for keeping Vinnay and Pdov company on the wrong side of the Clareified political debate. I’ll convince you guys, yet! We’ll all be voting for Obama in ’12, right? Right?

Thanks to Katie for being the latest of the great people I’ve met through the internets!

To Tae for leaving all the best things for me to enjoy and for not causing AC to be sucked into the black hole vortex. Also, for making me laugh so hard when she tweeted that she wasn’t going to make it to Harrah’s after all! Hahahaha Oh, and for the awesome Christmas gift!

Thanks to Dawn 2 also for an awesome Christmas gift, but also for hosting our random Jersey City outings and letting Alceste out of the house.

Ah, and of course, thanks to Alceste my one-stop shop for all of my bizarre, inscrutable questions and thoughts. You guys have no idea the depths of my annoyingness. Like, you think you know, you think you have a ballpark, and then Alceste is all: she made me wear a birthday hat! She gets a job in Jersey and she’s asking me to explain tax laws to her. After her car accident, I’m her insurance agent, somehow! And very often after I’ve explained stuff, she makes me explain it again! And then, she crinkles her face and says “well, that’s stupid.” Seriously, that whole college football situation is stupid! You guys have google? I have Alceste’s email address. And when I say stuff like “I saw that girl from that game with the guy that we used to go to”, he goes “Oh yeah, I saw her too.” Can your google do that? Oh and thanks for the itunes genius button info!

Ah, thanks to CK for making me learn football. No, wait, I mean I hate her for that! She is a ruiner of lives! Oh, wait, she has a shotgun in her office. Nevermind, she is the epitome of greatness.

Thanks to F-train for keeping Brooklyn F-train free all year! I like it, I like it a lot! If that were to change in 2010, I would be very sad and would cry!

Thanks to Kaz and Tito for taking me on my first and only foray of doing donuts in a parking lot!

Thanks to Astin for making me a cake for his birthday. I cannot believe the border patrol guys wouldn’t let it through. But really, it’s the thought that counts!

Thanks to Zac Efron for being beautiful and smart and beautiful and talented and beautiful oh and legal! #nopedophile

Thanks to Pi for getting me out of the house to do stuff and for bringing me food when I refuse. Also thanks for the perennial Thanksgiving invitation when I am not even invited to my own mother’s dinner!

Thanks to Rebecca and Ladigargar I’ve loved re-getting to know you guys on twitter! Congrats on the book Rebecca and congrats on impending yogini-hood, ladigargar! Ha! What a great online name!

Thanks to pearatty for ever being a font of good advice and humor! And also for commenting on ALL of my posts. Ahem. Look forward to seeing you and your tax deduction in the new year!

Thanks (in advance) to Smokey for admitting that our nephew’s name is Brady Zac.

Thanks to Binda for like over 15 years of reading all the crap I write! Binda was a reader when I published in actual honest to goodness print!

To T-Bone for inviting me out to your Vegas trip! I hope it’s not another 13 years before I see you guys again! No. Tequila.

To Fuelsellage for all the lunches and witty exchanges…even though, it’s mostly all me and really, you contribute very little. (Can I tell this story? Please?? Stupid RIM outage!)

To Karol for the memories.

To Sidney, Emil and Ryan for not throwing up on me.

To Sammy for noticing he wasn’t in that last thank you and for working on that in the New Year.

To Ugarles for orchestrating that awesomely AWESOME birthday tweet from Elon James! Woo! And for being the only person who comments on all my Scrabble blog posts! Damn you and your shark attacks to HELL! Pooooke!

To Drobbski for commenting here and on my facebook statuseses. And for his hilarious “I don’t know if I could comment this” emails. I’m glad we’re still in touch.

Thanks to Sabaka for the sympathetic and empathetic ear!

Thanks to Dustbury, Batesline and Jasmine for the linkage!

The gives-me-shit brigade of Chilly, Consiglieri, Rick Blaine, Jamie and chsw.

To my mommy who always wants only the very best for me even when it’s completely impractical and I absolutely can’t afford it.

You all make a lazy, underachieving introvert, feel almost like a productive member of society!

You’re all person of the year!
Gimmee a hug!

Vinnay, are you happy now?

33 Responses to “Thanks for all the laughs and love in 2009”

  1. BWoP Says:


    No thanking me for #getdawntoVegas?

    No thanking me for explaining how crubs work?

    No thanking me for inventing the word Dawnenfreude?

    This list obv sucks.

  2. Ugarles Says:

    Whew. That was tense for a while. I had a twitter window open ready to unfollow.

  3. Dawn Summers Says:

    hahaha BWOP, you clearly misunderstand what the word “thanks” means. #Immigrant

  4. Dawn Summers Says:

    Ugarles, hahah and Sidney is the first back to back recipient!

  5. April Says:

    Wow, I am truly touched to be included in such a list. Especially at the beginning!

    But really, it’s an honor just to be nominated. [But no really, very important that I’m before F-Train, and especially before Chilly.]

    Here’s to more in 2010!

  6. Gerard Says:

    I actually received a paragraph-length shout out in your New Year’s blog post.

    I’m touched.


  7. KJ Says:

    Awwww. I also want to say thank you for clareified, Ihadouts, the football blog, the scrabble blog, the movie blog, the cupcakes blog, the idriveaBMWsucker blog, the mega million blog, the twitter blog. Thank you and I too clearly misunderstand what the word “thanks” means. #Immigrant

    Forget about the person of the year, I hope you win a Nobel Prize this year!

  8. Fisch Says:

    RIM outage? Nah, it was in your dreams, we both know that. It was a funny dream though.

  9. Chilly Says:

    No link AND no credit for the $90 jacket I gave you. (That “saved your ass”)

    And as a member of the gives-me-shit brigade I am putting in for a name change to the Keeps-My-Ego-in-Check Brigade. KMECB for short.

    Happy New Year.

  10. Astin Says:

    No thanks for teaching you how to not play craps? Or introducing you to Canadian TGI Fridays? Or making you spit various drinks on yourself?

    At least you accept that your border guys are assholes who really appreciate good caramel cake.

    I expect a similar effort from you on your birthday.

    Happy New Year!

  11. Alceste Says:

    Thanks! Hope you have a happy new year.

  12. Mary Says:

    Just wait ’til you see me Saturday. I’m actually starting to show. And I haven’t had sex in a while. So maybe I’ll move up a notch in your fav Mary’s.

    Hmm…but there is that 666 that got tattoed on the back of my neck around the same time I got pregnant…

    Anyway, thanks Dawn for all the fun times this year. Without you and the rest of the Crackhouse gang, this year would have been a lot duller. Here’s to many more adventures in 2010!

    And +1 on what KJ said about your blogs. But not about Twitter.

    : )

  13. Angela Says:

    Wow, this post is a little clusterfucky but otherwise very cool.

    Thanks for being my #1 laughter inducement at work this year. Your tweets have helped me through a lot.

    And seriously, I do like the poetry Wednesdays. I am *sort of* starting to get it. Maybe someday I’ll even like it, all thanks to you. :)

    Also I really like how you are using the royal “we” in writing this post.

  14. Angela Says:

    p.s. Dawn, check out the drinking at the movies comment thread over at pdov’s.

  15. Dawn Summers Says:

    KJ, I’m starting to think you don’t know the actual names of my other blogs…DEAD!

    Angela, Oh, I checked it out. ME WANT.

    April, :) It’s BROOKLYN! IN THE 718!

  16. kaz Says:


  17. Katitude Says:

    Thank you Dawn, for what had to be the most surreal moment of the WBPT Winter Gathering!

    Guess I should start thinking about the 2010 version of Eh Vegas. You coming?

  18. Angela Says:

    Yeah Pdov actually has your blank one. They are Moleskine notebooks…I brought markers and everything to decorated them for each other. It just didn’t feel right though with only 2/3 of our royal court participating. (And Peter and Vince just sat there like, uh, we’re not sure we’re comfortable with craft time at the bar but we’ll go with it anyway.)

  19. Angela Says:

    oh wait, you thought i meant check it out like you didn’t know about it. I meant check out my newest comment after yours.

  20. Ken Wheaton Says:

    And thanks to the Saints for beating Tom Brady like a red-headed step-child!

  21. Pdov Says:

    I have Dawn’s and I was going to send it to her, but I’m a disorganized mess. Drunk movie watching & crafts times 2010! Lets do this. Seriously.

    I’m honored to be on the list. But I’m not a hippy although I am a total perv. You’re welcome.

    I second Angela’s comments about twitter, you and she have provided the best time wasting activity of 2009! Making me laugh and generally enjoy myself. I so gad you both are part of my life.

    I loved meeting people that you have mentioned here at the crackhouse. I look forward to seeing them again in 2010! And all of them taking my money. (I cry. (a la Dawn).

    Also, write it. Damn it. Peter will come up with the bestest title.

  22. VinNay Says:

    Happiness Achieved.

  23. Elana Says:

    You’re an incredibly strange yet completely amusing person. I’m glad I know you. Even/Esp (?) if I don’t see you. :p I actually would like to see you. If if I have to go to Utah or Montana – torture that that would be.

  24. F-Train Says:

    I’ve been living in a hole for a few days so somehow I missed this post. I’m pleased to see that you still think I’m an assface. All is right with the world.

    Tho somehow I wish you had kept Las Vegas Clareified-free. But it made CK happy, so I guess if Vegas couldn’t stay Clareified-free that’s an acceptable outcome.

  25. Katie Says:

    Right back at you! Glad I met you this year too. :)

  26. CGHill Says:

    Do they really say “in the 718” in Brooklyn?

  27. Fisch Says:

    This post was a genius ploy to tickle everyone’s ego and make each and every one of them COMMENT.
    You’re SO sneaky, Summers!

  28. Dawn Summers Says:

    Nobody would fall for that. Certainly nobody would fall for that twice.

  29. DRobbSki Says:

    I don’t know if I can comment this…but happy new year.

  30. Gib Says:

    For getting me included on this highly prestigious list, I would like to thank my son for being awesome, Jensen Ackles for being the interesting one, and the Undertaker.

  31. Pearatty Says:

    Aw, how could I not comment on such a sweet post? I’m grateful for you and Clareified too!

  32. Pearatty Says:

    See, doesn’t it mean more when the comments come from the heart, and aren’t just generated from some comment mill sense of obligation?

  33. Pearatty Says:

    Oh, ok, guess not.

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