Where does the good go

I knew him when

Snaps Wheaton hits bookstores. Well, not him, his book. And I guess they’re not really hitting it, so much as sitting on the shelves. Go buy one.

4 Responses to “I knew him when”

  1. Elana Says:

    I enjoy that he’s still Snaps.

  2. Elana Says:

    If the book were authored by Snaps Wheaton I’d own at least 3 or one copies.

  3. Dawn Summers Says:

    I’m fairly sure if you buy three copies, he’d sign them all “Snaps Wheaton”.

  4. Snaps Wheaton Says:

    Not only would I sign them snaps, if I hadn’t ruined that shirt by spilling coffee all over the front of it, I’d wear the shirt WHILE I signed them!

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