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Not so random question

I am on all these e-mail list-servs (don’t ask) and there regularly appear these emails which read, in relevant part, “a dear friend needs a sublet in Seattle” or “a dear friend is looking for an internship,” or “a dear friend’s SamTimer clock fell into the pool.”

The construct of the phrase “Dear friend,” always strikes me as odd…like one of those conventions we use to be polite like “God bless her/him.” Dear friend suggests a frumpy, borderline retarded social misfit who likely picks his or her nose and may or may not consume the findings from said excavation.

Do other people think this? Or is this dear friend thing perfectly normal and everyone has dear friends?

Cause if it is normal, then I have dear friends too. Lots of them. And they’re real and everyone can see them.

Stay away from me with your needles and white coats with extremely long sleeves.

You’ll never take me alive!

-Your dear friend Dawn.

7 Responses to “Not so random question”

  1. Mary Says:

    Using “dear friend” leads me to believe the writer old fashioned. I picture an elderly aunt writing the email.

  2. KJ Says:

    I blame the flu for this post.

  3. CGHill Says:

    Inasmuch as the dear friend is seldom able to request assistance on his/her own, it may well be that social ineptitude and/or booger consumption is an issue.

  4. Pdov Says:

    What Mary said, I picture a woman in a long floral, oatmeal color sweater talking about her “dear friend” – but yeah retarded comes to mind as well.

  5. Pearatty Says:

    I certainly think of you as a dear friend. :)

  6. F-Train Says:

    I think of you as a dead friend (if you don’t come to Vegas in a few weeks).

  7. Fisch Says:

    Vegas??? When we goin to vegas???

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