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Dear Kearns and Alceste

I don’t know what kinds of names you guys were calling Belichick on Monday, but the Yale football coach “went for it” on fourth and 22, leading the game by 3 points. While the brilliant fake reverse punt netted 17 yards, it fell short of the first down and Harvard got the ball on our 30 and scored a touchdown. Yale got the ball back with 2 minutes and three timeouts left, but promptly threw an interception for a spectacular fourth quarter loss after leading the game 10-0 for three quarters. So now who’s the worst coach in the history of the world?
In your faces!
Or something…
My head hurts.
Who made me learn this stupid game? I hate you so much.

4 Responses to “Dear Kearns and Alceste”

  1. Ugarles Says:

    Fourth and 22 ain’t fourth and two. The Yale coach should be shot.

  2. Gerard Says:

    I don’t think anyone claims Belichick is the worst coach, just the most insufferably arrogant.

  3. BWoP Says:

    You love me.

    You really love me.

  4. Gib Says:

    The Yale coach is obviously part of a conspiracy to make our Harvard-educated President look good.

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