Where does the good go

Thanks Jamie!

Jamie sent me a gift for absolutely no reason whatsoever!

Okay, so it’s cute and awesome and clever, but there are no instructions and I put the batteries in and I can’t figure out how to make it work…and my electrical engineer is MIA again! (I will get my barbecue, woman!) So, who’s gonna figure this out using the picture and my comment section?


I wanna play with it!!

#pout #helplessgirl

P.S. The Summersphere very much likes presents for absolutely no reason. Like this or this.

Hee. Class dismissed. :)


Took it to the experts at the Comedy game and the verdict is in: Broken.
Now is when someone who is not me says “well, it’s the thought that counts.”
Someone who is me now hates stupid Jamie because it turns out I absolutely do need a slot machine drink dispenser!
Holds breath.

7 Responses to “Thanks Jamie!”

  1. Dawn Summers Says:

    This internet is NOT instantly gratifying me.

  2. annika Says:

    broke? i didn’t do it!

  3. Dawn Summers Says:

    Was it Bush? That fucker! I want a bailout.

  4. Jamie Says:

    Seriously, I can do no right.

  5. Chilly Says:

    My money is on “Dawn broke it trying to make it work”.

  6. Dawn Summers Says:

    I did NOT!

  7. kaz Says:


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