Where does the good go

If I’ve never heard of your school…

you’re getting ripped off.

12 Responses to “If I’ve never heard of your school…”

  1. Pearatty Says:

    I’ve never heard of Bates. Which one hadn’t you heard of?

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    um like all except sarah laurence and connecticut…

  3. Pdov Says:

    I’ve heard of all of those except Harvey Mudd College. Kind makes me feel all warm and fuzzy knowing Vassar & Sarah Laurence kiddies are being ripped off. They are making themselves the poor kids they always care so much about when living in suburbia. Although their stupid rich parents are paying for it, so life is still unfair.

  4. F-Train Says:

    Looks like the cost of NYU has almost doubled in 12 years. Having attended NYU (on partial scholarship, at least), I can tell you that unless things have drastically changed since 1997, those people are being ripped off too.

  5. Alceste Says:

    I was actually semi-looking at Bates — (not the best place for someone who was scientifically inclined) and had heard of them all except for connecticut college — how much of NYU do you think is tuition and how much is rooom and board (which is counted in the number)?

  6. Eric Says:

    Mudd is pretty well know on the west coast. I’d never heard of Sarah Lawrence or Bates. Who would want to take a dorm shower at a college named “Bates”?

    But the list is kind of silly. They’re only looking at the list price, not what people pay. Colleges have perfect price discrimination – they get to look at your family’s books before they decide what to charge you, something that’d be illegal in any other industry.

    I’ll bet the real top ten list only includes one or two of these. A friend of mine at Mudd was told by the admissions office more than 95% of the students were getting some kind of tuition break.

  7. Petitedov Says:

    People please explain to me how it’s fair that if a family has been saving all their life for their kid to go to college get penalized and charged more for tuition over a family who has been spending wildly and never saved a penny. Seems wrong & unfair, like the system is broken. Oh wait, it is.

  8. dawn Says:

    Actually pdov, colleges look at what your family earns, plus other expenses etc to decide what to charge. So even though my mom made less than 25.000 a year, my genius school determined that she could afford 4000 a year because she only had one kid to put through college and no car or mortgage payments. Yeah fucking right. Which is why, no matter how many times i win the mega millions, yale will never get a penny from me.

  9. Ugarles Says:

    The other reason that the list is silly is that the difference between #1 and #100 is around $5K per year. Once you are in the neighborhood of $50K per year, that’s effectively a tie.

  10. Pearatty Says:

    I agree it does seem unfair that a family who works hard and saves gets penalized under this system. On the other hand, it also seems unfair to penalize a bright 17-year old because his/her parents were too selfish or clueless to plan ahead and save for college.

    It also seems unfair that ability to pay gets imputed to parents who simply aren’t willing to. My parents were relatively well off in an upper middle class way when I and my older sister went to college, but my Dad had been raised with and believed in the “once you’re 18 you’re on your own” ethic. My parents truly believed they had no obligation to pay for college. But my older sister’s private college still assessed tuition according to their ability to pay. That’s why she’s still paying off those student loans 20 years later, and I went to a state school.

    And what really rankles is people (I’m not naming names) who get money from grandparents or other sources that aren’t considered. I know at least one person whose reduced share of tuition was almost entirely covered that way, but they still got work study, because according to the charts, they were entitled.

    Anyhoo, I guess what I’m saying is that private college is really expensive, and as Dawn pointed out, in spite of impressions, no one is really getting much of a free ride, although some people get more of a break than others.

  11. Petitedov Says:

    P – my parents totally believed the same thing. Thankfully I went to a (relatively) shitty school so then I got a full scholarship after the first year! So I have like a tiny loan but still! It’s def. not fair.

  12. Pearatty Says:

    So basically, the only one who got a free ride was you! Sneaky. :)

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