Where does the good go

“Where’s the beer? Baby’s thirsty”

Go to Vinnay’s blog immediately. DO IT! NOW!
And just like that it’s a dead heat for Clareified person of the year!

9 Responses to ““Where’s the beer? Baby’s thirsty””

  1. Angela Says:

    That was semi-amazing.

    “You smell like a waffle.”

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    Semi??? Who is this? Where’s Angela? Wheeaattton…is that you?!

  3. Tae Says:

    I am so not pressing “play.”

  4. Dawn Summers Says:


  5. Mary Says:

    I loved the “you smell like a waffle” too. The actress from Mad TV was hilarious.

  6. VinNay Says:

    Zak-eroni and Cheese!

  7. Angela Says:

    “Amazing” would be if Zacaroni said “Screw you Vanessa, where’s my true love Dawn.”

    Agree with Mary– love Nicole whats-her-name…she was perfect for that part.

  8. PirateLawyer Says:

    I wasn’t willing to press “Play” either.

  9. Dawn Summers Says:

    You’re missing out.

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