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Not so random public service announcement

Wear your seatbelts! Always no matter how short a trip you’re taking. Wear them in cars, planes or busses! If seatbelts are installed, there’s a reason. Also make sure your kids have seatbelts on them if in a moving vehicle. Ok, sermon over.

11 Responses to “Not so random public service announcement”

  1. Ugarles Says:

    Oh poor Prince Eli. You lived a short, crash filled life, which is what was predicted for you.

  2. Mary Says:

    One of my friends did not wear a seatbelt in a taxi which was involved in an accident. He now owns a million dollar brownstone in my neighborhood thanks to that accident.

  3. Fisch Says:

    Does it have a basement?

  4. Pearatty Says:

    One of my friends did not wear her seatbelt in a taxi which was involved in an accident. She now owns a scar where her front teeth went right through her parafiltrum. (The piece of flesh between your nose and your upper lip.)

    Wear your seatbelts kids, even in taxis.

  5. Fisch Says:

    I kid. I kid.

  6. Dawn Summers Says:

    @fisch correct question for @mary “is he single”?

  7. Tae Says:

    Hitl…I mean, Prince Eli, is dead?

  8. Mary Says:

    Why yes, it does have a basement.

    : )

    And yes, from my friend’s lesson, I always wear a seatbelt in taxis and livery cabs. I value my life over accident settlements.

  9. Tae Says:

    I also always wear a seatbelt since my ex-boyfriend’s car moved a church’s front steps a few feet to the right of the door after he veered off the road when he was driving home after a party “tired.” He has a very nice Harry Potteresque scar tho. I used to wonder whether that was from the accident or his dad after his dad heard about the accident. I also risk my life every day on the 1/9-Pulaski, so it just makes sense.

  10. Mary Says:

    @dawn – yes he is single. But I broke up with him a while back so I’m not going to see the basement in that way again.

    : )

  11. Dawn Summers Says:

    Um and now I think I have to report you to the fbi on behalf of yourself.

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