Where does the good go

Wow…is it too early to declare Clareified person of the year?

Okay, so normal people tell other people these things on the phone or in person, but I’m me and my blogs need content! Pearatty is just the most amazing person ever! First thing this morning she texts me: why are you sad?
I’m at work, so I can’t answer and about an hour later she texts me again: Don’t make me call you. I’ll do it!
I laughed so hard. (Cause dude, she totally would. Evil.)
And then later that afternoon when my day took yet another awesome turn, she was totally there with an awesome awesome thoughtful solution. Dude, how do people survive with no pearatty to text? I feel so bad for you guys. You can’t have mine though. I’m already drafting shared custody agreements with Mr. Pearatty and Brady Zac. They get her every Noonsday in Septober. That is totally a real day.
Here’s hoping they don’t get an attorney to look it over.

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