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Open thread

Hello, my lovelies, we have a rather busy day today, but, well, we still want comments to read on our breaks.

So what’s on yer minds? Zac Efron? Tom Brady? The awesomeness of Dawn Summers? Why the Jakes are off touring the world but have left their favorite daughter (ME!) behind?

Where in the world is Kaz with my birthday barbecue?

Discuss away! Be amusing and wonderful!



32 Responses to “Open thread”

  1. Ugarles Says:

    Hey Open Threaders, jump in to talk about your 2-0 football teams! Geaux Saints!

  2. Gib Says:

    Down here in Atlanta, folks could not be happier with the Falcons. This Matt Ryan kid really seems to have something. I understand he got a phone call from a Gisele somebody – something about “trading up.”

  3. pearatty Says:

    Yeah, where is Kaz?

  4. Angela Says:

    You better be back on track tomorrow for poetry Wednesday.

  5. Dawn Summers Says:

    Ugarles and Gib,

    Management is not amused. Oh, wait, how about we talk about how many superbowls our teams have won?! Yes! That makes me happy. CK? Thoughts? Heh.

  6. Tae Says:

    Still waiting for more of the story on that other blog of yours. No, not that one. Not that one either. That’s right, THAT one.

  7. Fisch Says:

    Tae, doesn’t her saying “but, well, we still want comments to read on our breaks.” sum up quite nicely how that other story ended?

  8. Pi Says:

    Manning to Manningham !!

  9. Ugarles Says:

    Hey, why don’t we talk about Super Bowl wins that we’ve experienced! I’ve enjoyed the Patriots Super Bowl appearances more than you did. Especially the last one.

  10. Tae Says:

    Indeed, Fisch.

  11. Mary Says:

    Bringin’ the cute to the party…

    Has anyone seen this? I caught it on TV last night. OMG. I love cute furry critters but I really hate when folks dress them up. However, all the beasties in this clip are so sweet it makes my head hurt. Little porklets with their bellies showing? Twitching feet in onesies? Make it stop make it stop…

  12. Tae Says:

    That’s adorable, Mary, but the piggies made me hungry.

  13. Mary Says:

    lol – that’s why I called them porklets rather than piglets…yum…bacon…

  14. BWoP Says:

    I kinda feel like I’m a third grader in a sandbox when it comes to Dawn Summers. Deep down, I think she likes me, but she expresses it in odd ways.

    Does anyone else feel the same?

  15. F-Train Says:

    No. I know she hates me. But that’s ok because I hate her right back. With Mary on board we’re a merry band of “hatahs”.

  16. Mary Says:

    As long as we don’t have to wear tights. However, I will be happy using the bow and arrows.

  17. kaz Says:

    i’m in portland – it’s been travel insanity!

  18. Pdov Says:

    I have to say it. Gay. That is all.

  19. Dawn Summers Says:

    As long as you’re not saying “ghez” cause that’s cheerleader now.

  20. Dawn Summers Says:

    I hate CK Sun-Tues. We are bffs Wed-Sat. Ftrain I hate always. But especially on Wednesdays and Fridays. Mary I do not hate ever, because she has the power of cupcakes. Class dismissed.

  21. Ugarles Says:

    I hate that last comment for obvious reasons.

  22. pearatty Says:

    Hi Kaz!

  23. pearatty Says:

    If you don’t let F-Train wear tights, the whole thing’s ruined for him.

  24. BWoP Says:

    Tues? What have I ever done to you on a Tues?

  25. Jamie Says:

    Deep down, I think she likes me

    Dawn has no ‘Deep down’. It’s all evil. It’s like the essence of ID decided to take human form. What better way to ensnare its human prey than with the occasional burst of niceness?

    Evidently, we can only appease its fearful wrath with a constant stream of cupcakes and comments.

  26. pearatty Says:

    Jamie may be on to something there.

  27. Dawn Summers Says:

    Give me cupcakes!

  28. Dawn Summers Says:

    Bwop, you dare to question me! *insert lightning bolt*

  29. Mary Says:

    Behold the awesome power of cupcakes…

  30. Jamie Says:

    Matt Groenig is dirrrrty

  31. Fisch Says:

    I hate it for the same reason Mr. Star does.

  32. Tae Says:

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