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Dawn funny

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Brian and Matt are hilarious. Matt, an unrepentant total hippie who bicycle rides everywhere and hates the man and capitalism takes great pleasure in mocking me for driving a BMW named after the founder of Yale University. “How do you relate to normal people?”
“Are you normal?”
“No,” Brian yelled from the backseat.
Brian then informed me that he and Matt are in a bicycle gang — not motorcycle — bicycle. You can tell this by the intimidating tats they have on their feet.
Brian then cracked me up doing impressions of the traders at his company who are all “bros” most likely to do time for date rape.
“That’s just how they roll.”
We couldn’t find an address for the stadium, so I just inputted the city and hoped for the best.
This was the best: getting to East Rutherford and seeing signs that said “To Giants Stadium.” After following these signs, we started to see signs that said “Permit Holders” and they pointed toward the stadium; the other signs that said “Nonpermit holders” pointed somewhere in the vicinity of Hoboken.

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