Where does the good go


I saw a billboard today that read “it’s so like cheerleader who can’t say anything smart” or something like that. I thought it was funny. Then I pulled up closer and the fine print said “if you think that’s mean, how do you think we feel when you say ‘that’s so gay’?”
Now, I thought the cheerleader thing was funny. And I say “that’s so ghez” (totally different), but I thought I’d do the…um…right thing and link the site.
Clareified: all about education and information and hating on cheerleaders but not gay people. Hating gays is ghez. *TOTALLY* DIFFERENT!

12 Responses to “D’oh”

  1. Riggs Says:

    The terrorists are winning.

  2. Petitedov Says:

    Those commercials are so gay. (I couldn’t help myself, plus that’s what I was told a friend 3 days ago when I saw it. )

  3. Tae Says:

    The whole thing is hysterical.

  4. pearatty Says:

    But wait, it’s still ok to hate cheerleaders, right?

  5. Dawn Summers Says:

    Hell yes! And people who don’t hate them.

  6. F-Train Says:

    Oh, those are pro-gay ads? I never looked at them closely enough to figure that out. #advertisingfail

  7. Dawn Summers Says:

    How’d you see the ads? Is this a nationwide campaign??? Hahahahah Ghez.

  8. pearatty Says:

    Instead of saying, “that’s so gay”, can we just say “that’s so cheerleader”?

  9. Dawn Summers Says:

    Bahahahahahhaaha Can we spell it with a zee somewhere?

  10. F-Train Says:

    I can’t remember where I saw them. Might have been LA tho.

  11. crimsonjoe Says:

    What are we allowed to say about gay cheerleaders?

  12. pearatty Says:

    Ooh, crimsonjoe raises a good question.

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