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Audience Participation Weekend

So what are fun ways to prove you’re not drunk? (Con’t from comment section on Not So Random Question post below)

4 Responses to “Audience Participation Weekend”

  1. BWoP Says:

    Drink more and don’t puke.

    Land a triple axel.

  2. Ken Says:

    Stop insisting that you’re not drunk. Nothing says amateur hour like, “I’m … I’m … I’m not drunk. I’m not” while your head’s swiveling around so hard it might fall off your neck.

  3. Riggs Says:

    use your non-verbal skills to show you “understand” the wit of sly comments made by friends and participants alike. Utilize it in a manner that shows you know that they are full of shit, or that you agree with their smarmyness. If you can do that without falling off the chair when you nod and roll your eyes at their comments, you can’t be judged as drunk :)

  4. Petitedov Says:

    We need better ideas than this! I have Peter on it!

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