Where does the good go

I missed the memo

I’m not supposed to be blogging anymore.

And I think she’s also saying I tweet too much.

Also I definitely shouldn’t have another blog.

But seriously, Dawn Eden wrote:

To be honest, I have suffered from an Internet addiction for the past several years. Just as there is no such thing for an alcoholic as “one drink,” there is no such thing for me as a quick e-mail check and a perusal of the day’s online headlines. If I sit down at the computer, I remain glued to it for hours on end. I might excuse myself by telling myself I am reading about important world events or doing research for school. But the truth is that I allow myself to be distracted by whatever comes to mind while I am at the computer, to the point where it becomes a self-medication for loneliness and boredom. And why do I become lonely and bored? Because I waste so much time on the Internet, of course.

St. Thomas Aquinas had a word for this vice that causes one to fail to moderate one’s quest for knowledge: curiositas. With all the years of my life that I have spent in online curiositas, I have precious little wisdom to show for it.


I think I have that too. Dawn Eden’s answer was to quit blogging. But I’ve quit blogging before. And while it was great and I’m so glad I did it, living offline is not really for me. Is this my way of announcing that I’ve started a new blog?

2 Responses to “I missed the memo”

  1. CGHill Says:

    This is very much in character for Dawn Eden. She and I go back about twelve years; we used to hang out on CompuServe (!). We lost track of one another for half a decade or so, and it was this bloggy stuff that got us back into sync.

    She may be back some day, once she’s satisfied herself that she’s done the things she’s called to do. And if I’m wrong, I’ll miss her, but I’ll know she’s doing the Right Thing.

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    Wow! Small world…yeah, I don’t think a blogger ever truly stops blogging…

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