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Never thought I’d type these words, but…

You GO, Terrell Owens!

“I think he’s done the time for what he’s done. I don’t think it’s really fair for him to be suspended four more games,” Owens said, referring to reports that the NFL is considering further punishing Vick. “It’s almost like kicking a dead horse in the ground. … The guy’s already suffered so much. And to add a four-game suspension on a two-year prison sentence, that’s ridiculous.”

7 Responses to “Never thought I’d type these words, but…”

  1. Pdov Says:

    It’s been 2 years! WTF?

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    I know!

  3. Ugarles Says:

    This is pretty standard stuff. The NFL always imposes an internal-discipline penalty on top of any jail sentence. It isn’t like Vick gets to claim double-jeopardy.

  4. riggs Says:

    Yeah, ’cause Owens lends sooo much credibility to that statement!

    Not that I don’t agree with him, but it’s like Charlie Manson telling the media that Dahmer got a bad wrap.

    * Ducks, turns around, and runs away :)

  5. Jennifer Says:

    Are you his friend on Twitter? Good times for Buffalo.

  6. Dawn Summers Says:

    nah, I only follow Ocho Cinco and Shaq…Shaq’s kinda boring and I might soon stop…actually, I’m going to stop right now! Is TO interesting/funny? I hear his reality show sucks.

  7. Gerard Says:

    I’m just curious, do these guys realize that Roger Goodell is the commissioner of the NFL, and not the AG?

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