Where does the good go

And now, he is punished

Here’s my friend Man, in his international You Tube debut: I want to see this go viral people!

5 Responses to “And now, he is punished”

  1. Ugarles Says:

    Private videos don’t go viral.

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    But…but…damn him!

  3. Rick Blaine Says:

    You got pwned by the Man. Again.

  4. Man Says:

    OMG I went to Dawn’s bday party thrown by her momma last night and one of her friends is, I kid you not, the guy who DID THE MUSIC for the James Blunt Song “You’re Beautiful” I rewrote. He did inform me that James did indeed play the C-Eb-D-Eb opening riff on guitar that took me 20 years to learn to play on a C harmonica (but just seconds to play sarcastically in the video). Dawn of course fetched her laptop to let him know her pain. It was all beer and sympathy.

    I said on FB that I was playing some ’80’s MJ songs on flute in their crazy original keys while trying to moonwalk (the dancing part did not go any better than the singing part for this vid but it was fun). She said she wouldn’t believe me without video evidence. And here we are now.

    PS I called shotgun before the guy who worked with James Blunt and another one of her friends and did get to ride in the car so mentioned in the video. It was quite fabulous as was the party as was the guest of honor and her family. Each candle on her cake represented 5.67 years. Beleive it or not, I have just given you enough information to calculate her actual age. Don’t hurt yourself trying to figure that one out cuz I’ll just out and say it’s um 29…yeah. :)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    err G-Eb-D-Eb. Whatev. Don’t want people to try that riff and say wtf.

    I think people who know me might might not put it past me to go viral if provoked–either literally with some horribly fiendish, karmic and utterly biological revenge or like the guy who had his guitar broke by united–in words and/or song.

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