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Oh yeah

Happy Birthday month to me.

Vinnay and I have made our first official wager of the 2009 football season: If Tom Brady breaks his leg in the home opener against the Bills, I pay 50:1. If Vinnay is the one to break Tom Brady’s leg, 100:1.

(This was a no brainer wager, as if Vinnay even looks crossways at my Tom in Gillette, the New England fans will rip him limb from limb and burn the remains.)

2 Responses to “Oh yeah”

  1. VinNay Says:

    I will be disguised in my Moss jersey.

  2. VinNay Says:

    And actually, I think the wording was “If Brady is taken out of the game.” Not just a broken leg. Could be a broken arm, or a torn ACL, or any number of injuries. Or just bad play….though that is very unlikely to happen.

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