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Whitey killed MJ

Take care of yourself, Mr. President. They’re coming for half of you.

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  1. elana Says:

    ah, there it is.

  2. Pdov Says:

    Eh, I don’t buy the racist argument – the stress maybe but look everyone has stress imposed on them – I could blame my cancer on stress but I don’t want the government to come and solve of it for me. The article critizes the welfare reform of the 90’s for putting more stress on inner city population, yet it doesn’t note that upward mobility and change has some growing pains. My father worked the night shift so that my sister and I could have a better life. I wish he was still here, but guess what that is the price that is paid to live in America and have a better life.
    Her solution might sound nice and lofty “integration” with trees but it smacks of government controlling my life. Anyone with a Che Guevara poster on her wall smacks of an agenda. No thanks. Interestingly, she doesn’t address whites facing racism from blacks in the article.

  3. VinNay Says:

    oh, brother…..gimme a fucking break.

  4. pearatty Says:

    “Interestingly, she doesn’t address whites facing racism from blacks in the article.”

    The research addressed in the article focuses on, among other things, the effects of pervasive, ongoing, if often low-level, stress on the body. The article isn’t talking about the effects of stress created by isolated racist incidents. Although I am not of the mind that black people can’t be racist, I think it is rare to find a white person living as part of a minority white culture, constantly surrounded by a different, clashing, and often hostile, majority black culture.

    Were such persons to be found, it would be worthwhile to study them as a control group. (Perhaps someone should talk to Eminem?) However, the numbers of such people would seem to be small enough to make one question the validity of using excessive resources to address their issues in particular.

  5. Flynn Says:

    Trying to compete when one whole “race” is mentally inferior to far more superior race will create stress. So yes I agree with the article.

  6. Pdov Says:

    Pearatty I was being a bit flippant with that comment. No need to take it too seriously. I just don’t see the empirical evidence of constantly being under the stress of “racism” I really don’t know how she measures that. Her solution is atrocious. And yes I have run into black people being racist. I didn’t cry. Much. :)

  7. Ugarles Says:

    I don’t wanna be a control group!!!

  8. chsw Says:

    This has been written about for over 25 years. If African American men stopped using drugs and stopped gang-related death, then their life expectancies would be considerably higher. And NDS, you will be pleased to know that college-educated black women live longer than just about anybody in the USA.


  9. elana Says:

    I think all your hours are work are making you completely insane. When does your vacation time kick in? You need a beach and stat.

  10. Dawn Summers Says:

    dudes and dudettes,

    The word “whitey” is in my title. I suggested that only half the president could be killed. Come on, now, most of you have been reading me long enough to know what that all means. Of course, thanks as always for commenting! :)

  11. Ugarles Says:

    Did Whitey kill Prince Elihu too?

  12. fisch Says:

    Way too soon.

  13. Ugarles Says:

    I’m asking a real question. I expect an answer in extended ranty post form.

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