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Not So Random Thought

The worst thing about bad times is that not only do they suck, but they make you question the good times. They twist your happiest memories till all you see is yourself as that guy in the horror movie that everyone screams “idiot!” at because he’s out there rowing in the darkness and a homicidal maniac in a hockey mask is creeping up behind him with a chainsaw.

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  1. Eric Says:

    Yeah, but at least he’s not walking backwards. Those are the real horror movie losers.

    I once heard a bit of wisdom at a poker table (where else?) from a seasoned pro. We were comparing winning and (of course) losing streaks, when he said his second year as a pro he made something like $4.20 per hour for the year when he tallied it up. “But you know,” he said, “it’s easy to look back on a winning streak and realize you weren’t playing as well as you thought you were. But you need to look back at the losing streaks and realize you weren’t playing as badly as you thought. Sometimes that’s just how the cards fall.”

    And like all good poker lessons it applies to life. In spades (heh).

  2. Dawn Summers Says:

    aawww, I really like that!!! Is there anything that poker doesn’t know?

  3. VinNay Says:

    VinNay likes this.

  4. Michael Bates Says:

    The opposite appears to be true: Remembering good times can help you see bad times in a better light.

  5. Dawn Summers Says:

    Wow, this recession really has us in its grip, eh! :)

  6. pearatty Says:

    Wow, Dawn, that is the most insightful thought I have seen today. Thank you for sharing that. You are so funny and wise. The world would be a better place if everyone tried to be just a little bit more like you.

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