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Point of view

I’m in the Virgin Megastore at Union Square trying to scope out any good “going out of business” deals. (Forget it, while the CDs are 40% off, the prices have been jacked up to $26 each.) I am perusing the 40% off DVD selection, when I spot a woman tap a middle-aged, balding white guy on the shoulder. He jerks his head around and smiles broadly upon recognizing her. He is wearing a suit, jacket, but no tie and is flanked on either side by kids. The girl looks about nine and the boy about 14.
The adults hug and exchange air kisses. I can’t hear what the woman says, but the man loudly bellows “well, you know, I’m actually working for ‘The Man’ now. Telecommunications.”
I snicker quietly.
Buddy, I think crisply, you ARE “The Man.”

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  1. Jamie Says:

    You wrote ‘middle aged balding white guy’ and I thought, “Hell, I wasn’t in Union Square recently!”

  2. Dawn Summers Says:


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