Where does the good go

Dawn Summers…

went a little crazy on twitter today.

Or…Dawn Summers did some of her best work on twitter today.

8 Responses to “Dawn Summers…”

  1. Ken Says:

    Or Dawn Summers spat right in the eye of those who suggested her as a #followfriday by acting like an insane, crazy person.

  2. fisch Says:

    Do you always reap the annals of old texts for ways to sound obscure and original?



  3. Dawn Summers Says:

    Oh, come on Snaps “None of your business November” was GOLD.

  4. Ken Says:

    A lot of it was gold. Or pearls. Pearls before swine and all. But consider that newbies might not be ready for a Dawn explosion all at once. They might even find your car and scratch it.

  5. dawn summers Says:

    ooh, if they can do it on the right side of the car and exactly mimic the ones on the left hand side of the car, it’ll be like racing stripes! Then Prince Eli will go faster!

  6. dawn summers Says:

    hahah and fishc, i liked that phrase right away, but decided i would wait till you forgot it was yours. I guess a week was not long enough. next time, two! Not that you’ll have any more clever phrases.

  7. fisch Says:

    You mean you waited a week to compliment me on something I said, and next time you’ll wait two? You get meaner and meaner. I might tell you in a year that I found this post amusing.

  8. Dawn Summers Says:

    Who is this?

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