Where does the good go


Parked my car at the garage.
Garage scratched the shit out of my car.
Been waiting here forty minutes for manager.
I am surprisingly calm. Seriously, nothing bothers me these days and if this didn’t make me batshit crazy, I can’t imagine what will. Scary.
Upside? Car’s all scratched up and 1) It wasn’t my fault and 2) I still love him.

12 Responses to “Dude”

  1. Javon Says:

    That is not cool. especially after your last blog.

  2. Alceste Says:

    So what did the garage do? I assume they claimed you waived any claims, but did they offer you anything as a peace measure?

  3. Dawn Summers Says:

    No, they actually had me fill out claims forms and their parking car guy said “oh yeah, this was done here. Those are fresh marks” Now, whether the corporate office will be so forthcoming, is another story. We’ll see. I’m optimistic though.

  4. Alceste Says:

    How deep is the scratch? A gash or a flesh wound?

  5. dawn summers Says:

    flesh wound..but wolverine claw layered

  6. pearatty Says:

    Wow, Dawn, that is the most insightful thought I have seen today. Thank you for sharing that. You are so funny and wise. The world would be a better place if everyone tried to be just a little bit more like you.

  7. dawn summers Says:

    You’d think I would tire of reading that, but no, you’d be wrong.

  8. pearatty Says:

    Well, honestly if that is all that is required, I may be able to keep it up.

  9. Alceste Says:

    So do you even get it fixed if the garage isn’t going to pay for it?

  10. dawn summers Says:

    probably not. I forgot I raised my deductible to $1000 a few years ago. :(

  11. Alceste Says:

    Wait, did the deductible apply to the Professor’s transmission? Did you pay $1000 to fix the transmission on a car with a trade-in value of $2,000? I really should stop asking questions…

  12. dawn summers Says:

    hahah No, no that one was $250…though now that I think about it, I don’t know how come…

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