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Not so random business advice

Dear independent bookstore owner,
When I ask you if you have a book, your answer should not be “No.” It should be “not today, but I can get it for you. What’s your contact information?”
And now, I go to Amazon and wonder if it’ll be a Starbucks or a Duane Reade that takes over your space when you’re evicted because you can’t pay the rent due under your lease.

4 Responses to “Not so random business advice”

  1. jana Says:

    These things seem so obvious, don’t they? Yet, to many they are not…

    I went to Home Depot to order a replacement canopy for our gazebo. After several minutes of back and forth discussion between me and a VERY unhelpful HD employee, the guy told me he wouldn’t even try to order it, because it was “impossible” unless I had the style number of the canopy, and the model number of the gazebo.

    I had neither, but I went online and found the replacement in about 5 minutes, thanks to Google.

    It’s now on our gazebo, and I want to go stuff that guy’s head in the shipping box.

  2. Ugarles Says:

    I’m pretty sure a sneer and “let me google that for you” is the wrong approach to retail.

  3. pearatty Says:

    I’m pretty sure that retail employees make minimum wage, catch all the crap flowing downhill from everyone else’s miserable lives, and don’t really care if you get your gazebo or book or whatever. They don’t make commission, the store’s not set up to sell you the product you want, they don’t get paid or encouraged to make independent decisions. Nor should they.

    Start from that premise, and you can get amazing service from Home Depot employees. (Just last night, I got one of them to give me a replacement part of a light fixture for free by raiding one of the other boxes, just by being sweet as pie.)

    Now, if it really was the bookstore owner, he’s an idiot.

  4. Dawn Summers Says:

    Yes, he was the owner. His mother in law told me that he and her daughter have to run the store themselves because they had to lay off their whole staff due to the Bush recession. That’s why I decided to go there and give them business rather than amazoning it in the first place. And can you BELIEVE what a mrsist that Rick Blaine is?

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