Where does the good go


Dear President Obama,

Your task force has already yielded AMAZING results!

Snaps Wheaton is now on board! (Remember? he’s the one I told you that if you receive “BBQ” in the mail from him, you should have Biden taste test it first?)

And now Karol McArkowiz is outright saying “Go Obama” –at first I thought maybe the first daughters were in some competition, but no…it was about you! (Though she still has not fully grasped the convention of addressing the President of the United States as “President so and so,” you know how those immigrants are.

Anyway, I will continue to be vigilant, but rest assured we are winning the hearts AND minds!

Oh and never you mind about not noticing you are being “herbed” unless Stewie Griffin has completed that time machine and you somehow find yourself trapped in 1982 and wondering what the plaid pants and black square glasses are about.

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