Where does the good go

Ash Wednesday

Memento homo, quia pulvis es, et in pulverem reverteris.

22 Responses to “Ash Wednesday”

  1. pearatty Says:

    Hmm. Does this count as blogging?

  2. chsw Says:

    You can say it in the vernacular now.

  3. F-Train Says:

    Are you dead? Because this post is dated Wednesday Feb. 25th, it’s the top post on the page, and yet today is Tuesday March 3.

  4. F-Train Says:

    Seriously. That whole Lent thing is a joke. It has to be.

  5. Eric Says:

    Is lent over yet?

  6. Gerard Says:

    Does it look like Easter?

  7. Petitedov Says:

    In CVS and other fine pharmacies it looks like Easter.

  8. April Says:

    If I can eat a Peep, then Dawn can come back blogging.

  9. Eric Says:

    I definitely saw some chicks today. It must be Easter.

  10. pearatty Says:

    If y’all keep commenting, Dawn will think she doesn’t have to post to get comments and validation.

  11. elana Says:

    screw her – it’s high time the inmates took over the zoo.

  12. pearatty Says:

    No. I miss Dawn.

  13. Eric Says:

    Well, I agree there should be no validation without posting. But what about whining and name-calling?

  14. F-Train Says:

    She’s cheating tho. She keeps sending out mass texts, which is basically just blogging to a private audience of her choosing. Therefore, since she has already broken her Lenten promise, I demand she return and once and resume entertaining me for free.

  15. DRobbSki Says:

    F-Train, thanks for making those of us who don’t get mass texts feel inadequate.
    Or lucky?

  16. Eric Says:

    She’s cheating on us? I feel so dirty.

  17. Gerard Says:

    The fact that this trend was reported as part of an NPR segment negates her sacrifice.

  18. Jordan Says:


    I swear, Jesus, this is all YOUR fault.

  19. BWoP Says:

    Jordan, you have it all wrong. If our people hadn’t killed Jesus, Dawn would still be blogging.

    I feel so . . . guilty.

  20. Alceste Says:

    Holy Week is here! But will Dawn Summers return?

  21. Ugarles Says:

    She has to return. First, Karol got married and she wants to say mean things. More importantly, the Mets won their first game.

  22. pearatty Says:

    I have to say, most suspenseful holy week ever.

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